We’ve been getting the lowdown from Howard Lancaster, head of sales for Capita Workforce Management on what you need to know before you apply.

Setting your expectations

Don’t get put off thinking the role will be too technical. You’ll have time to learn any of the technical stuff that you need to know in a sales capacity. It’s not about being a coder and you don’t need to have gone to computing school. It’s actually quite a long way from being part of that technical side of the software industry.

Software is all around us, it’s in almost everything we use day-to-day as well as within business to business use. It’s cutting edge and it makes a difference to everyone in day-to-day life, but don’t be put off because you think it’s too complicated, because we’re here to sell it, not create it.

Why soft skills matter

For us, we’re not focused on whether or not you got a 2.1 for your university degree, or even if you have a degree. It’s not about having what’s needed on paper, it’s about if someone is the right candidate. That comes down to soft skills and cultural fit.

First and foremost, in sales roles you have to be quite outgoing. You need to be approachable and open, so that clients know they can trust you. Then you also need a willingness to learn. It helps if you’re open to new ways of doing things, rather than coming into the industry thinking you know best, because you’re likely to be caught out. Software’s always changing, always evolving and that’s the real challenge for us. So be prepared to learn in terms of the skills you need to get ahead in sales and to learn about how the software industry is adapting. We’re always looking for people who are driven to progress and want to succeed. So don’t be afraid to take risks and fail – this can be a challenging market but there’s a lot you can learn if you apply yourself.

How to approach your interview

When it comes to interviews, it always helps when a candidate engages with us. For example, you might have questions about the position, career development or commission plans. Do some research and make sure you know our business. When you show a genuine interest in what we do, it can really make a difference.

Overall, I’d say come and give it a go. It’s a really cool place to be at the minute and in my opinion it’s fun, challenging and rewarding.

Software sales roles

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