We work with a number of big and reputable brands

These brands include O2, British Gas, RSPCA and William Hill. We also offer a variety of other roles; some contact centre-based, some office-based and some field-based, which can be all found on our customer service page.

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It’s an opportunity for you to work for a large, professional company that offers stability and security, as well as a stimulating and diverse environment, vibrant culture and considerable support and opportunity too. We look for self-motivated people with a confident approach to everything they do. If that’s you, get in touch.

All jobs returned in this search will be customer service roles in our contact centres shown on our locations page.

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Contact centre locations

We operate from different locations in the UK and overseas. Our UK based contact centres range from Scotland to Leeds, and the North West. Find out what each can offer, and which suits you.

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The roles

Our contact centres support a diverse range of businesses and functions. Working on projects from sales at O2 to fundraising at the RSPCA, you’ll provide a friendly and professional service to customers while responding to a range of queries.

Depending on the business you’re working for, you could be offering advice, problem solving, fielding complaints or taking orders and processing payments. The variety of roles on offer is extensive but they each share a common purpose – ensuring the needs of the customer are satisfied and helping to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

With plenty of opportunities to progress, the sky is the limit for those who prize integrity, support their team and are confident and positive.

Key duties

Communication, conscientiousness and a customer-focused approach. There are a variety of roles available within our contact centres, but each employee is encouraged to share and apply these values to their role every day.

Customer care

• provide a friendly, professional welcome to all customers over the phone
• work to improve call handling time, customer satisfaction and call quality
• ensure customer feedback is actively pursued, considered and action taken.


• work as part of a team to ensure smooth operation of the department
• provide feedback and suggest improvements of customer service levels
• undertake any other duties, requested by the team leader.


• respond to a wide range of customer enquiries
• take orders over the phone and process payments
• troubleshoot problems and resolve customer issues.

Your journey with us

A job at one of our contact centres isn’t a final destination, but the start of a journey. We go the extra mile to encourage our talent to grow personally and professionally. Let’s see where we can take you.

Putting you at the heart of our business

We see motivation, engagement and development as fundamental to our success which is why My Journey is essential to our day-to-day lives at our contact centres. We invest in our people: we’ll provide you with the support and opportunities you need to develop both personally and professionally, and to help feel welcome in a friendly and open environment. We help you to help us.


My start

Welcoming you on board: we spend the first few weeks ensuring new starters have everything they need to settle in and to start thinking about possible career pathways with us. Introductions, inductions and training – our aim is to integrate you as quickly as possible and give you the skillset and confidence you need to grow.


My customer

By knowing our customer and valuing their needs, listening to feedback and creating an environment that embraces continuous improvement, we’re able to provide excellent customer service. We give our people the resources, training and support required to progress their careers, but also to continue delivering the exceptional service we offer our customers.


My performance

 Our contact centre employees have the important responsibility of representing our clients. It’s essential that you’re professional at all times, always aspiring to improve the quality of your customer service. To fairly measure, monitor and develop performance, we set clear objectives, as well as review and recognise employee contribution with regular 1-2-1s and appraisals.


My voice

We understand communication is key to employee engagement. Communicating regularly and openly, sharing best practice, creating an open-door culture and carrying out opinion surveys ensures we always know how our people feel, what’s important to them, what we do well and what we could be doing better.


My world

We strive to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work. With people at the heart of our business, it’s important to treat them fairly, consistently and with the respect. Not only do we encourage teamwork and fun through responsible business initiatives, we also recognise the need for flexible working, allowing employees to create the right work/life balance.


My career

We recognise that our employees are individuals with varying career ambitions and expectations. We offer tailor-made talent packages that aim to provide varied, vocational and flexible leadership development opportunities at the right time for our people. Our exciting opportunities make sure our talent is constantly thriving and challenged.

What to expect

Working in a customer contact centre requires patience and understanding. It’s important to approach difficult challenges with a friendly and positive attitude. You’ll listen carefully to requests, queries and complaints, managing them sensitively and coming up with effective solutions. We’ll make sure you’re surrounded by a team who can offer advice on how to deal with certain challenges, so you’ll feel supported every step of the way.

We firmly believe that a customer-first approach leads to a good overall customer experience. We encourage you to treat each customer individually. Although this may be your twentieth query to answer, it’s important to remember that it’s their first to ask. On a typical day you may have to deal with upset or more confrontational people who require a little patience. However, you’ll also deal with people who are immensely grateful for the help you’ve provided. While not an easy job, it can be immensely rewarding if you do it well.

What's in it for you?

We’re committed to your personal and professional development and offer support and training to advance your career. We recently launched Capita Learning, a service that provides a variety of courses and opportunities to help further your career ambitions.

Along with mentoring schemes and external training, we also offer access to accredited courses, which can prove invaluable to advancing and developing your skillset. We don’t just stop there. Also available are invaluable masterclasses for senior leaders across the business. From mentoring schemes and external training, to accredited courses and the Capita Academies, there’s something for everyone.

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We'll take applicants through a four step process:

Successful applicants will then receive a conditional offer, followed by a formal offer once screening checks are complete.

If you'd like to get in touch with our recruitment team to talk through our online recruitment process in more detail, you can email us at customermanagementjobs2@capita.co.uk.

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