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Contact centres

Our customer management business has more than 14,500 colleagues across 19 contact centres in the UK, India and South Africa, managing customers for a range of big name clients like O2, Volkswagen Group, British Gas, RSPCA and William Hill.

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It’s your opportunity to work for a large, professional company that can offer you not just stability and security, but a stimulating environment, vibrant culture and considerable support and opportunity too. We like self-motivated people with a confident approach to everything they do. If that’s you, get in touch.

The roles

Our contact centres support a wide variety of different businesses and functions. Working on anything from sales at O2, to fundraising at the RSPCA, you’ll provide a friendly and professional service to customers while responding to a range of queries.

Depending on the business you’re working for, you could be offering advice, problem solving, fielding complaints or taking orders and processing payments. The variety of roles available is extensive but they all share one common attribute – ensuring the needs of the customer are satisfied.

There is plenty of opportunity to progress. If you’re confident, positive, have integrity and truly support your team, the sky is the limit.

Our locations

We operate from different locations in the UK and overseas. Our UK based contact centres range from Scotland to Leeds, Rotherham and the North West. Find out what each can offer and which will be best for you.

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Key duties

Communication, conscientiousness and a customer-centric approach. There are a variety of roles available within our contact centres, but, regardless of the position, each employee will share these values and apply them to their role every day.


  • Responding to a wide range of customer enquiries
  • Taking orders over the phone and processing payments
  • Troubleshooting problems and resolving customer issues


  • Working as part of a team to ensure the smooth operation of the department
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement of customer service levels
  • Undertaking any other duties, which may be requested by the Team Leader

Customer care

  • Providing a friendly, professional welcome to all customers over the phone
  • Working to improve call handling time, customer satisfaction and overall call quality
  • Ensuring that customer feedback is actively pursued, considered and action taken

Your journey with us

A job at one of our contact centres isn’t a destination, it’s the start of a journey. We do everything we can to encourage personal and professional growth among our employees. Let’s see where we can take you.

Putting you at the heart of our business

Motivation, engagement and development are absolutely fundamental to our success. That’s why My Journey is a key part of day-to-day lives at our contact centres. We invest in our employees: you will always be provided with the support and opportunity required to develop both personally and professionally.

My start

Welcome on-board: we spend the first few weeks with new starters ensuring they have everything they need to settle in and start looking forwards to a career with us. Introductions, inductions and training – our aim is to integrate you as quickly as possible, and give you the tools and confidence you need to grow.

My performance

Our Contact Centre employees have the very important responsibility of representing our clients. It’s essential that you’re professional at all times, and always aiming to improve the quality of your customer service. To fairly measure, monitor and develop performance, we set clear objectives and review and recognise employee contribution through regular 1-2-1s and appraisals.

My world

We work hard to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work. People are at the heart of our business and it’s important we treat them fairly and consistently. We encourage teamwork and fun through corporate social responsibility initiatives and recognise the need for flexible working to create the right work/life balance for our employees.

My customer

By knowing our customer, listening to feedback and creating an environment that embraces continuous improvement, we are able to provide excellent customer service and increase employee satisfaction. We give our employees the tools, training and support they need to develop and continue delivering exceptional customer service.

My voice

When it comes to employee engagement, we understand communication is key. Communicating regularly, sharing best practice, creating an open-door culture and carrying out opinion surveys ensures we know how our people feel, what’s important to them, what we do well and what we could be doing better.

My career

We recognise that our employees are individuals who all have different career ambitions. We focus on offering tailor-made talent packages that aim to provide varied, vocational and flexible leadership development opportunities at the right time for our employees. We provide exciting opportunities and make sure our shining stars grow and stay with us.

What to expect

Working in a customer contact centre requires patience and understanding. There may be occasions where you have to deal with a customer who is not completely satisfied. So you’ll need to listen carefully to their complaint, manage it sensitively and try to come up with a solution. But you’ll be surrounded by people who can offer advice and support on how to deal with certain scenarios in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Good customer service is all about putting the needs of the customer first. Treating them individually and understanding that although this may be your twentieth query to answer, it is their first to ask. So on a typical day you may have to deal with difficult people, but on the flip side, you’ll deal with people who are immensely grateful for the help you’ve provided. It’s by no means an easy job, but do it well, and you can get real satisfaction from what you do.


Would you be right for a contact centre role?

As part of our contact centre recruitment process, we use a short, situational questionnaire that measure your suitability to us and the role. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated, and getting a question wrong won’t stop you from getting the role. Instead, it’s a way of evaluating whether you would be well-placed here, while also giving you an insight in to our business and our values. You can find a few example questions below – give them a try and see how you do!

Question 1

A customer has a parcel that has failed to be delivered. She’s been told she has to collect the parcel from the centre, or arrange redelivery. She says she is a new, busy mum, with no car. Do you?


Find out if there are any issues with property access, and inform them you will request another delivery given the circumstances.


Correct – this response ensures you are delivering the service as the single point of contact whilst remaining empathetic towards the customer.


Empathise with the customer: ask her how she’s finding motherhood.


Incorrect – building rapport is great, but it’s important to achieve the outcome required – rescheduling delivery.


Say you will request another delivery, but advise that if this isn’t possible she may need to contact the supplier.


Incorrect – Capita Customer Management would manage all contact with the client at this stage.


Listen to the customer and give them the supplier details to help them organise redelivery.


Incorrect – Capita Customer Management would manage all contact with the client at this stage.

Question 2

You’ve just had your call scores back from the Quality team – you did really well. Your Team Manager is busy so you haven’t been able to get more detailed feedback from them. Do you?


Not worry about asking for feedback – you've done well and that’s what matters.


Incorrect – feedback helps you build on your performance – even what you’re already doing well.


Wait till your next team meeting to ask your Team Manager for feedback.


Incorrect – personal development should be carried out on a one-to-one basis.


Try and find someone from the Quality Team who might be able to give you more information.


Incorrect – your Team Manager should manage your personal development.


Ask your Team Manager for the feedback so you can understand what you are doing well.


Correct – It is great to understand your feedback so this can be built upon and personal development should always be sought from your Team Manager.

Question 3

Many customers have the same account issue. You realise there’s an easier way to resolve it, but it requires working with other departments. Do you?


Contact someone in the other department and tell them what to do.


Incorrect – proactivity is encouraged, but there may be a reason why your idea isn’t in place. Speak to your manager to work out the best approach.


Email your ideas to your manager so they can decide whether it’s worthwhile to take them forward.


Correct - new ideas and a proactive approach are encouraged and it is always best to involve your manager so they can collaborate with you on the best approach.


Ask your colleagues what they think of your idea and suggest you all put it forward at the next team meeting.


Incorrect – involving them is unnecessary. Your manager will help you work out the best approach.


Decide to leave it for now – it’s not really your job and you need to focus on hitting your targets.


Incorrect – new ideas and a proactive approach are encouraged!

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to complete our quiz. We hope you've now got a glimpse of what it's like to work in one of our Contact centres, as well as the kind of people and attitude we look for when we recruit. If you feel you've got what it takes to fit in and to work with us in delighting our client's customers then we look forward to receiving your application – if you don't think we're for you then at least we've saved you some time applying, and wish you well in your job search.


What's in it for you?

Providing our employees with the support they need to develop professionally is a top priority for us. That’s why we offer a whole host of learning and development opportunities to all of our people. Recently, we have launched Capita Learning, a service that helps our employees develop professionally through a variety of courses. And, along with mentoring schemes and external training, we also offer access to accredited courses and the Capita Academies, which can prove invaluable to boosting your skillset. Masterclasses for senior leaders across the business are also available. So from mentoring schemes and external training, to accredited courses and the Capita Academies, we can offer something to suit everyone, whatever your needs.

Rewards and benefits

Flexible shift patterns

On-site canteens

Holiday entitlement

Pension scheme

Group personel accident insurance

Eye care voucher

You can also benefit from a range of additional voluntary benefits offered in our 'My Choices' portal:


Holiday purchase of up to five days

Health cash plan

Health screening

Dental insurance

Depending on the region you work in, some benefits may not be available to you.

The application process


Read through our employee testimonials and location information to determine the best site and role type for you


Interested? Apply for one of our current openings via our quick and easy to use, mobile enabled search and application portal


The last step in your application will be a series of situational judgement questions which will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Short on time? Save your application and complete it later!

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