The service charter provides details of the levels of service we offer, contact information and our escalation process.

We welcome any new ideas to improve and enhance our service. If you have any suggestions, please pass these on to your Relationship Manager or the Service Desk.

The Service Charter sits alongside the formal contract between Capita and its customers and is in line with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Support and Maintenance Services 

Our Service Desk is the first point of contact for all support and maintenance enquiries.  It is available for use by named system administrators within your organisation.

How to contact us: 

  • Telephone: Service Desk telephone number – 01420552532
  • Email: Service Desk Email –

Each enquiry or issue raised will be allocated a unique reference number, which can be used to track the progress of your case. 

Our aim is to resolve cases at the point of enquiry, however if a solution is not immediately available, details of the enquiry will be logged, and the case allocated to a Service Desk Analyst for investigation. 

Severity levels 

All calls are assigned one of the following severity levels: 

Incident definition table  
Impact Urgency / risk
Widespread - More than 1 location affected with more than 10 users affected Critical - Key business application
Large - Whole of 1 location only, or more than 1 location affected with less than 10 users affected High - Key business function with no work-around
Limited - Less than 10 users affected Normal - Key business function with a work-around


Incident priority matrix      
Urgency Widespread Large Limited
Critical 1 1 2
High 2 2 3
Normal 3 3 3

Incident response times

Note that these times are within Service Desk working hours only: Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays from 9 am until 5:30 pm.

Priority Response time
P1 1 hour
P2 3 hours
P3 1 working day

Service & support hours 

The standard service hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. During this time support requests can be submitted to our IT Service Desk. Support requests submitted outside of these hours will be investigated at the start of the next working day. 

System availability

We offer a system availability of 99% during service hours, excluding periods of planned maintenance.

Response times

  • P1 - Critical: 1 Hour
  • P2 - Major: 3 hours
  • P3 - Minor: 1 Workday 
  • P4 - Request: 1 Workday 

Once the ticket is created, our 1st line team will go through the process of classifying the issue, assigning a priority, identifying where possible a resolution using our knowledge database. They will ensure your contact details are correct and confirm the case reference. You will then receive an email notification outlining your case details. Responding to tickets.

If the issue cannot be resolved at the point of contact, your case will be referred to our second line support engineers, who will then contact you to investigate the issue further. In the event the issue is related to a software bug, a case will be raised with our development team for a work-around or inclusion of a fix in a software update.

Alert monitoring

Should we become aware of an issue causing a degradation of service we will contact your primary contact.

Status information

Cases are allocated a status during the life cycle for resolution:

Waiting for customer:

'Waiting for Customer' status refers to a point in the support life cycle where we are waiting for information from the customer in order to continue. Following an initial request for further information, tickets that require essential information will be placed into ‘waiting for feedback’.

Our support team will attempt to contact customers in the first instance by telephone, which will be followed by an email. Customers will be chased over a period of 7 days using the approach shown below.

Unable to contact user for 7 days:

If we do not hear from you within 7 working days, we will assume that the matter is resolved. If this is not the case, please contact us.

Waiting for development:

If our support team are unable to resolve your query it maybe escalated to our development team for further investigation and solution. This may result in a software fix being made available during our release cycle or an immediate hotfix for critical errors.

Resolution and quality analysis:

Once a solution has been provided and the customer has acknowledged the status of ‘resolved’, we will send out a resolution notice.

Escalation procedure:

If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving, please contact us at the following email address:

This escalation will be sent to the Service Delivery Manager, who will review the case and contact you to discuss further. 

Customer responsibilities

To ensure timely responses and the best level of service, we ask customers to assist us with the following:

  • Respond within the required time scales when we request further information to assist in the resolution of any issues.
  • Failure to meet this obligation may result in the severity level being downgraded;
  • Inform us in writing of all relevant changes in lines of communication between Capita and its customer contracts.

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