Digital background checking

Speed up and smooth the employment screening process to enhance the experience of your new joiners with our digital background checking solution.
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Streamlining background checking to make the process easier for everyone


Applying for a job is a rigorous commitment – from the initial application to interview to negotiating terms. Your chosen candidates have already demonstrated their enthusiasm so it’s important not to temper this with a drawn-out, laborious process for background checking.  

Our digital platform transforms background checking into an opportunity to impress your incoming employees, enhancing your reputation as an employer and ensuring your new joiners feel confident they’ve made the right choice. Digitised processes are particularly relevant right now when so much of the workforce is working remotely, with legislation such as Right to Work checks supporting this.

With automation to smooth the process - for managers, employees and new recruits – it’s user-friendly and accessible, guiding everyone through each stage, at the right time. It can be personalised to welcome every new joiner in any role, providing a world-class employee experience to foster trust, confidence and excitement about their new role.

Faster screening turnaround times mean your candidates can start as soon as possible, And with the whole picture of your new joiners, you’ll be making better-informed hiring decisions to protect your organisation from risk.


The dropout rate between offer and start date in certain industries - friction for new joiners is an undeniable challenge for employers


The reduction in the time taken by candidates to complete the background checking form with our solution

20 minutes

The average time it takes candidates to complete the form, with no need to fill out multiple checks

Our solution - how Capita helps 

The solution
Volti4 digital background checking
Complemented by our onboarding solution to uplift the employee experience from offer through to probation and beyond:
Onboard digital onboarding
What is it Digital background checking platform and app   Digital onboarding platform and app
How it helps Smooths and speeds up the background checking process, keeping new recruits engaged right from the offer whilst protecting employers from risk.   Automated workflow provides new employees with a modern, engaging experience, onboarding them more quickly, efficiently and effectively.
Features include Configurable to reflect your brand and the role of the employee, automated checks to reduce errors, a robust, compliant GDPR audit trail and partnerships with world-leading data providers.   Configurable to reflect your brand and processes, delivers new starters with a highly personalised experience tailored to their role, connects to digital learning programmes, enables feedback for new joiners to tell you how they feel about the process.
Who's it for Employers looking for quicker, more effective background checking.   Employers who need to equip and motivate new starters at scale and speed, with a high degree of thoroughness.
Getting started

It’s all web-based and couldn’t be easier to get started. It’s also easy to integrate with your existing systems - we’re the only UK background check provider integrated with Workday.

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Because it’s all web-based, it couldn’t be easier to get started. It’s also easy to integrate with your existing systems.

Get in touch to arrange a demo


Key features


An appealing, consumer quality welcome

Specifically designed to offer the best possible experience to the candidate – a consumer-grade experience with a mobile-first design approach for an appealing interface from any device.


Simple and easy-to-use

The process is broken down into manageable stages with clear instructions, reminders and prompts, and Optical Character Recognition to pull information from uploaded documents.


Automated workflow, updates and alerts

Guides managers and new joiners through a personalised process, with updates and alerts to ensure everyone knows what’s happening at every stage.


Fully digital

The best of human and digital interaction with automatic distribution of data to enhance speed and performance and 24/7 checks performed in real-time for instant results.


Track and analyse the experience

New joiners can provide feedback so you know exactly how they feel about the process. Because it’s integrated with Google Analytics, you can track user behaviour and analyse use of the app.


Measurable ROI

With accurate, compliant document checks you’ll know more about your new joiners, keeping them engaged with a streamlined background checking experience to reduce attrition and hiring costs.

How digital background screening helps

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