Unique Alexa skill connects your customers with service and support

The advent of smart home devices like Alexa promised a new era in immediate, hands-free communication. In theory, anytime a customer wanted to contact a supplier they could ask Alexa.

But customers have found that it’s not easy to connect with a particular organisations's customer service when Alexa doesn’t recognise what they’re talking about.

We’ve developed a unique Alexa skill that enables your customers to make fast, stress-free contact with your customer services team simply by asking their device to “launch customer service”. 

Our skill navigates the customer through the IVR (interactive voice response) process. If they can’t be connected straight away, customers will be told how long they’ll have to wait. If holding on isn’t convenient, customers can ask Alexa to text the contact number for later use or request a return call.

Our Amazon-approved Alexa Skill offers smooth integration with your telephony and IT systems. We can even modify the skill to give your customers a single point of easy access to service and support for all your products, services and brands. 

Our Alexa skill will not only help you transform an often time-consuming task into a positive and productive experience, it will demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional service that values customers, their needs and their time.

Our solution

The solution
Alexa skill
What is it

An easy to implement and use skill that enables customers to use their Alexa smart home device to access your company’s customer service department.

How it helps Reduces the time, complexity and frustration associated with contacting customer services. All users have to do is ask their Alexa device to “launch customer service”. 
Features include
  • Uses the phrase “customer service” to activate Alexa’s help.
  • Integration capabilities can be used to provide access to customer service for multiple brands or products. 
  • Navigates the customer through the IVR (interactive voice response) process to connect with the appropriate person or confirm next steps.
  • Simple integration with telephony and IT systems means it’s easy to implement.
Who's it for Any company that provides after sales service and support for its customers.
Getting started Alexa Customer Service Skill is an easy to implement and use app which is available to all our customers.

Key features

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