Augmented reality for ecommerce

We’re bringing the future of shopping directly into people’s homes with the latest advanced augmented reality (AR) technology in partnership with AR experience company London Dynamics.

Revolutionising the online shopping experience

The retail industry is fast evolving to meet customers’ changing needs, with augmented reality (AR) presenting a new and powerful way to respond to these new demands.

We’re helping retailers to take their customers on this new digital buying journey by providing industry-leading advanced plug and play AR technology, designed for the current generation of smartphones and offering easy, fast integration into legacy ecommerce systems. This is made possible by our partnership with Capita Scaling Partner and AR experience company London Dynamics.

The intuitive, seamless integration ensures that customers enjoy the same engaging shopping experience as they do in a physical store, but without leaving the comfort of their homes.

For retailers, it means increased conversion, lower costs, exposure to newer market segments and an opportunity to gain valuable insights into their customers’ minds.

We also offer a unique combination of augmented reality and conversational AI to create a more impactful solution which uses natural language to help online shoppers to find the right product online and then see it live in their own environment using their smartphones.

Our technological expertise, innovative thinking and relationships with industry-leading technology companies means we can develop and implement a bespoke solution for any retail business, of any size, to deliver a completely automated and engaging sales experience for your customers.

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Our solution

The solution
Augmented reality for an enhanced online shopping experience
What it is An advanced plug and play augmented reality solution, designed for the current generation of smart devices that delivers an engaging and enjoyable online shopping experience to your customers while increasing your sales conversion and decreasing your costs.
How it helps Smart device-enabled augmented reality provides customers with a richer, experiential online shopping experience. When combined with our conversational AI solution, it allows your customers to interact in natural language and find the right product - all online.
Who it is for All retailers who want to expand their customer base, reduce their costs and deliver an engaging online shopping experience to their customers.
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Fast facts about the present and future of online shopping


Salesforce research found that 87% of customers begin their shopping journey on a digital platform. The experience they have online is critical to whether that journey results in a sale.


According to Forrester Research, 63% of customers will leave a company after just one poor experience.


67% of online purchases are already made on a mobile device. So a smartphone-enabled AR solution could revolutionise the whole online shopping experience.


90% of mobile users can be reached with AR integrated into a website.


The Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the transition from physical shopping to online shopping. Online sales have shot up from 19% to 33% of total sales.

A realistic shopping experience from the comfort of the customer’s home

Our Capita Scaling Partner, Augmented Reality experience company London Dynamics, provides cutting edge plug and play AR software, allowing online shoppers to view a product from any angle they want, in their own living space. Using the camera on a smart phone, and without the need for other apps or special features, customers can decide, for example, if the colour of a coffee table matches their living room armchair, or see what every part of a luxury watch looks like up close.

Who is London Dynamics?

Developed by the people who designed and delivered IKEA Place - one of the most downloaded AR-enabled apps of all time - London Dynamics was set up to help businesses introduce an advanced, realistic and functional AR experience from their existing websites.

Advanced AR – how the customer experience works

The customer can rotate the coffee table – or whatever product they’re considering - through 360 degrees and greatly magnify it to see fine detail. And while there are other AR products available, this is the first that replicates the look of complex material, shadow, texture and reflections to show what a product actually looks like in real life.

Cutting the hassle factor of large purchases – for retailer and customer

As the advanced AR technology provides customers with a more realistic feel for what a product is actually like, they’re less likely to return it. This helps cut the hassle, cost and waste associated with returns – particularly those big-ticket items - and also means fewer lost sales for the retailer. 


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