Achieving higher KPIs with gamification

We’re all aware of the addictive nature of gaming. Even the simplest of the games bring out the fiercest competitive side of our personalities.

At Capita, we wanted to find a way to channel this competitive spirit in a constructive way and apply it to non-gaming activities of customer contact agents to achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and enhanced productivity.

Capita’s contact agent gamification dashboard applies gaming elements like points, tiers, levels, badges, rewards, stories, characters and achievements to regular activities to make them more interesting and fun.

It uses simple elements—like a smiley face—to clearly display if a customer interaction has been good, average or poor. A chain of positive smileys leads to instant rewards for the agent and a higher rank in the “game”. The best part is that gamification can be applied to any industry, or any activity, in which people are engaged and it could drive higher efficiency and improve KPIs.

Our solution

Revolutionising the working environment through gamification. 

The solution
Agent gamification dashboard for contact centres
What it is An Agent Gamification Dashboard that provides contact agents with a tool to track and improve their CSAT scores in a healthy competitive way.
How it helps

Our solution “gamifies” key KPIs like AHT (Average Handling Time) and CSAT scores for contact centre agents and makes the working environment more fun. 

It fosters healthy competition amongst the agents, leads to higher productivity, increases interactivity within teams and improves customer satisfaction levels.

Agents can clearly see their own CSAT scores and their rank amongst peers. Being able to see each other’s scores evokes a sense of competition amongst teams and motivates the agents to improve their performance in order to win awards like, top agent, best department or the greatest team of the month.

In fact, deployment of this solution has shown immediate results with 10% jump in CSAT scores within weeks and a 14% improvement in AHT levels, dependent on call type.

Features include Capita’s Agent Gamification Dashboard offers numerous features like customised KPIs, intuitive dashboard and visual analytics.
Who it is for All contact centres which are looking to improve on their customer satisfaction levels and achieve improved operational efficiency.
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Key features

Some key features of our gamification dashboard are:

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