Ensure a seamless joining experience to be remembered for all the right reasons

First impressions count, which is why friction-free onboarding for new joiners is so important, to ensure a potentially exciting time of new opportunity stays that way.

Designed to smooth the process for managers, employers and new recruits, our automated digital platform transforms background checking and onboarding into an opportunity to engage, equip and retain a high performance workforce, enhancing your reputation as an employer and ensuring new staff feel like one of the team from day one.

We’re the first – and only - provider to offer fully integrated background checks with onboarding for a seamless end-to-end solution which keeps your business risk low - particularly critical when you need to move at speed and your team is reduced or working from home.

Employees are engaged from the offer through to probation and beyond, benefiting from useful content such as insights into company culture and values, and ‘need to know’ essentials to create an experience which inspires trust, builds confidence and avoids costly flight risks. For managers it guides their approach, encourages participation and helps them engage in a timely manner preparing for the new joiners arrival.

With 33% of new hires looking for a new job in the first 6 months, and an average cost of £30,000 to replace them, Onboard offers a measurable return on investment in terms of reduced recruitment costs and increased productivity.

Our solutions

The only fully-integrated background checking and onboarding platform

The solution
Volti4 digital background checking
What is it Digital onboarding platform and app with digital background checking (see right)   Digital background checking platform and app
How it helps A single end-to-end automated workflow provides new employees with a modern, engaging experience from the offer onwards, onboarding them more quickly, efficiently and effectively.   Smooths and speeds up the background checking process, keeping new recruits engaged right from the offer whilst protecting employers from risk.
Features include Configurable to reflect your brand and processes, delivers new starters with a highly personalised experience tailored to their role, connects to digital learning programmes, enables feedback from new joiners to tell you how they feel about the process.   Configurable to reflect your brand and the role of the employee, automated checks to reduce errors, a robust, compliant GDPR audit trail and partnerships with world-leading data providers.
Who's it for Employers who need to equip and motivate new starters at scale and speed, with a high degree of thoroughness.   Employers looking for quicker, more effective background checking.
Getting started

Because it’s all web-based, it couldn’t be easier to get started. It’s also easy to integrate with your existing systems.

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  Because it’s all web-based, it’s easy to set up. It’s also easy to integrate with your existing systems - we’re the only UK background check provider integrated with Workday.


Key features

Onboard benefits

A solution that works for employers and employees

Our solution provides your new employees with a modern, engaging experience, ensuring they remain motivated and are equipped with everything they need for success and productivity from day one.

Explore some of the benefits of our background checking and onboarding platform.

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