Abandoned website recovery

Reconnect with online visitors to build brand loyalty.

Turnaround abandoned online visits

eCommerce businesses are investing billions to create an automated customer experience across their buying journeys to drive sales, brand recognition and repeat customers.

If a customer is distracted whilst on a website, or encounters a problem, sales are abandoned, which costs organisations.  

Capita’s abandoned website recovery technology creates a real-time intervention point to address potential customers’ concerns.

It automatically triggers personalised communications via multiple channels, re-engaging site visitors and encouraging customers to complete their purchase.

Our solution

The solution
Identifying and retargeting customers who’ve dropped out of a website journey, checkout, or payment process.
What is it Our abandoned website recovery technology tracks visitors on your website, captures when they’ve abandoned their journey, alerts you within 60 seconds, and enables you to re-engage with that customer, via voice, SMS, webchat or email.
How it helps It helps you track, trace, help, nurture and convert your customers, creating loyalty through greater customer satisfaction. We are delivering for our clients:
  • 47% visitor recovery rate using the full platform
  • £40m+ in abandoned sales recovered annually for our clients
Features include
  • Only product on the market that works in real-time - our partners are seeing a 7% increase in conversion rate by contacting visitors within 5 minutes
  • Identifies visitors who have left your site at any stage from bounce to dropped basket or cart abandonment
  • It can analyse your customers’ buying behaviours allowing you to personalise engagement to increase online conversion
  • Reduces cost-per-acquisition which is critical to long-term business sustainability
  • Full campaign performance data to allow continuous improvement
  • Customer relationships are enhanced and loyalty increases
  • It can be used within your own contact centre or with our customer experience services to provide a digital concierge, inbound and outbound call centre, email marketing, sms marketing and creative content review
Who’s it for Any eCommerce business owner.
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Key features

A suite of solutions you can design around your customer’s requirements to enhance connectivity with them.


Improve your real-time lead processing with automated multi-channel follow up.


Data such as basket value, customer behavioural and demographic data can be combined with your customer profiles to define the most appropriate contact approach.


Streamline your email communications with real time data driven automation.


Take control of your SMS messaging with automated and semi-automated campaigns.


Optimise your creative content with an additional layer of business intelligence.


We work with clients to ensure that GDPR is fully taken care of.


How our abandoned website recovery creates customer loyalty: 

  • Customer service is prioritised through real-time engagement
  • Customer experiences are enhanced with personalised messages, content and seamless omni-channel communications
  • Customer satisfaction which increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Provides critical management information on customer behavioural habits in real-time, such as seasonality
  • Helps to develop a great customer loyalty programme
  • Offers multiple channels for communication.

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