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Next-generation payments, fraud and optimisation technology to increase revenue and improve customer experience.
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Enhance revenue with Pay360 - our leading payments technology


We make it simple to take and manage payments, and to offer customers an easy, safe way to pay. 

We understand that the payment itself is just the beginning - you also need to protect your business from defaulted payments, from fraud and ensure you meet regulatory requirements, all whilst providing a seamless experience for your genuine customers.

Which is why we provide a flexible, secure suite of modular payment, fraud and optimisation solutions for a variety of sectors across the world including financial services, health, education, retail, gaming, hospitality, local government and housing.

With our award-winning solutions, you can offer customers a wide choice of secure payment methods - whether in person, over the counter, online or on the move. You can protect your income with our e-invoicing and debt management solutions which use artificial intelligence to make the whole process more efficient.

To further optimise business success, our cutting-edge fraud and risk management platform helps you to counter payment fraud whilst providing a seamless payment approval experience for your genuine customers. And we help you meet PCI and GDPR compliance with solutions which keep customer data secure.

Our solutions

Choose from our suite of modular solutions

The solution
Pay360 payments technology
Pay360 e-invoicing and debt management
Pay360 fraud and risk management
What is it Flexible, secure payments and income management software Customer-centric digital invoicing and debt recovery software Multi award-winning fraud and risk management platform
How it helps Makes it easier for customers to pay and more efficient to take payments, whether face-to-face, online or by telephone and via a number of payment channels to improve conversion rates. Uses artificial intelligence and smart automation for efficient payment collection, reducing accounts receivables costs. Customer-centric to improve experience and collection rates.  Automates and streamlines decision-making to improve acceptance rates, increase revenue and improve customer experience. Build highly bespoke payment and payment acceptance criteria.
Features include Reduces payments industry and GDPR compliance responsibilities by keeping customer data secure, supports digital channel shift to online payments. A white label solution so you can customise emails and landing pages with your branding, includes SMS and email functionality for effective customer communications.  Advanced workflow and investigation tools make it quicker and easier to uncover fraud. Supports enhanced identity and verification (ID&V), know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering.
Who's it for Everyone who receives payments – in particular those looking to increase cash flow whilst ensuring payments compliance. Everyone looking to make invoicing more efficient and bring down their costs for payment collection. Everyone who needs to identify fraudulent transactions more efficiently and offer a smoother payments journey for genuine customers.
Getting started Integrates easily with existing systems and platforms – get in touch to arrange a demo Integrates easily with existing systems and platforms - get in touch to arrange a demo Integrates easily with existing systems and platforms - get in touch to arrange a demo

Key features

Any payment, anywhere - modular solutions tailored to suit your needs:



Flexible, scalable and secure – offer quick, seamless payments on your website. Additional services include internet merchant accounts, alternative payment methods and more.



Take payments in-store, over-the-counter, or on the move with our range of Chip & PIN machines, kiosks and ePOS terminals featuring Bluetooth and contactless technology.



From occasional payments to full call centre services, our services help ensure compliance with industry requirements. We also offer automated IVR and digital channel shift solutions.


A wide choice of payments

We make it easy to add and remove payment methods and channels, cutting the resource, time and costs usually associated with integrating and maintaining multiple options.


Alternative payment methods

Give your customers more choice at checkout by offering a wide range of popular payment methods, speeding up the process, increasing sales and improving customer experience.


Extend your global reach

Easily accept domestic and international payments, and expand successfully into new global markets by offering the payment methods most widely-used in that region.

Pay360 case study

How Go-Ahead protected themselves from an additional £4million in fraudulent payments

The challenge

Go-Ahead, a transport company with 38 years’ experience in the bus and rail industry, was incurring costs and seeing a reduction in conversion rates as a result of fraudulent activity.

The solution

Our award-winning identity and fraud management suite features a powerful real-time rules engine, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface for organisations to build payment acceptance rules which meet their risk appetite at any time.

This, combined with the thousands of unique data points available, exposes suspicious behaviour early for global intelligence gathering, social media analysis, know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and enhanced identity verification (ID&V).

Easy integration and implementation

The integration required limited API coding changes and rules could be generated and activated seamlessly. The fact that our anti-fraud solution also offers the ability to set production rules into a live test mode offered Go-Ahead greater control - they could allow the analytics to run on their live transactions volume without having a bearing on transaction authorisations.

The impact – significantly reduced fraud and chargebacks

The flexible, powerful rules engine makes fraud detection easier and has led to a significant drop in chargeback levels. Debs Mayne explains: “Since using Optimize, our chargeback levels have reduced by £3-4,000 per month on average below the previous threshold.” 

In the first year there was an increase in declined fraud across both Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and Southeastern of almost £4 million pounds compared to previously. And in just four weeks, Go-Ahead managed to prevent an additional £190,000 in fraudulent transactions for Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) compared to previously, representing an increase in stopped fraud of 27.6% for the period.

Southeastern saw an increase in prevented fraudulent transactions of over £75,000 for the same period, an increase of 28.3%.

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