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Deploy your skilled people where they add most value to support your success with our customisable next-generation online resource planning tool.
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Make the most of your valuable resources with the whole picture


When your business is all about your skilled professionals, it’s crucial they’re working where and when you need them most. 

We’ve designed a cost-effective, next-generation resource planning tool, to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to allocate work and increase billable hours, whether you have a handful of employees or hundreds.

Cost-effective, easy to set up, and accessible from anywhere with internet access, Retain has everything you need to schedule work effectively, including skills tracking, forecasting, intelligent management information reporting and useful graphical features.

Highly configurable to your unique business requirements, you have instant visibility of your resources, projects, and where under- or over-utilisation exists within your team. And, by being better able to match up your people, you’ll have satisfied clients and greater revenues as a result.

Our software is trusted worldwide to improve resource planning and maximise billable hours, providing all businesses need to enhance utilisation and operations, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Our solution – how Capita helps

The solution
What is it Multi-platform resource scheduling and management software and mobile app
How it helps Puts you in control to quickly allocate time and resources to specific areas of your business. Access an instant view of availability and utilisation, with powerful filtering and an intuitive user-friendly interface.
Features include Fully configurable, graphical utilisation dashboard gives you instant visibility of resources, projects and workloads. Configurable metrics make it simple to calculate business effectiveness. Supports multiple alphabets, calendars, work hours, time zones and currencies to connect teams from across the globe easily.
Who's it for Organisations of all sizes who allocate work and wish to increase billable hours. Particularly useful for professional services, manufacturing, creative and management consultancy firms, as well as central and local government, schools and universities.
Getting started

Available as both a desktop and a cloud-based application. The mobile app lets you access scheduling information from your smartphone. 

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Key features


Easy to use

Manage bookings with the whole picture of resources, skills, projects and teams – all from a single intuitive interface.


Improves utilisation

An average 5% improvement in utilisation has equated to billions of pounds in additional profits for our five largest clients.


Insightful reporting

Configure and calculate your own metrics and KPIs, and create reports and forecasts for valuable management insights.


Empower your talented people

Employees can build talent profiles, to help you track skills, experience and qualifications, empowering them to apply for other roles and helping you to retain and develop talent.


Scalable for all sizes of businesses

Our resource planning solution is both enterprise-ready and SME friendly, suitable for organisations with anything from 10 to 250,000 resources.


Flexible to your needs

Multi-platform options which integrate with leading enterprise systems, compatible with international standards to enable you to collaborate globally.

Boosting operational cost-efficiency for Mazars Qatar

The challenge

Mazars Qatar connects leading enterprises in the Gulf region with expert accounting, tax and advisory services. To boost its competitiveness, the company aimed to reduce the need for costly third-party consulting resources to augment its in-house personnel during audit engagements. How could Mazars Qatar deepen its understanding of current resource requirements and improve forward planning?

The solution

Mazars Qatar replaced manual, informal approaches to resource planning with Retain. With built-in analytics and automation, our resource planning solution offers Mazars Qatar fine-grained insight into utilisation and scheduling – empowering the company to optimise its resource plans.

The impact

A single source of truth to make informed resource planning decisions.

Today, Mazars Qatar can see instantly which of its consultants are allocated to projects and which have spare capacity, saving significant amounts of time in the planning process. Crucially, the company can now maximise the utilisation of in-house teams – reducing the need for external recruitment, boosting margins and sharpening competitiveness.

As Dindo Geron, IT Audit Manager at Mazars Qatar explains: “Retain offers us fine-grained insights into our people from a single, web-based interface. At a glance, the solution enables us to see which of our team are currently allocated to audit engagements, our utilisation rate, and how much spare capacity we have for other work.”

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