Unlock the benefits of disruptive insurance technology and remove friction from the underwriting process

As the world responds to the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses are required to quickly digitise to a scalable, remote working environment and streamline processes and realise efficiency savings.

At times like this, disruptive insurance technology can digitise the end-to-end insurance lifecycle, reduce manual processes and make insurance frictionless.

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We've brought together recognised experts and we will work with you to determine tactical interventions to enable you to realise near term benefits as well as identifying more long-term opportunities.  

Capita is working with Artificial, a digital insurance industry specialist who uses the latest cloud-based tools to enables insurers and their customers a better service experience. 

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What you’ll gain

The meeting will be held over Microsoft Teams. Together, we will deep dive into your existing workload to help prioritise and clarify a brief and scope of work. 

We will help you:

Watch the digital underwriting webinar

Watch our recent webinar with experts from Capita, Artificial and AXIS Capital - discussing practical advice to help insurers work remotely.

  • Gain unique insight into data extraction and augmentation 

  • See how you can price and quote risks faster and more accurately through automated data collection and enhancement 
  • Understand the benefits of remote working, digital contract negotiation and electronic sign off 
  • Discover opportunities to remotely streamline back office processes and realise efficiency savings.

Questions and answers

In our recent webinar, we supported delegates with answers to the questions:

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