LGC Summit

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

We’re one of the headline sponsors at this year’s LGC Summit at The Slate, Warwick on 15-16 September 2021, including hosting a workshop.

Chief executives and their senior officers have faced unprecedented challenges in steering their local authorities through the prolonged and enduring stages of the pandemic. This event will provide a safe space to take stock and reflect on what’s happened as we look to the future. 

The Summit gives the audience a chance to share ideas and insights, allowing for group thinking to develop fresh initiatives to address the challenges they face. 

This is one of the year’s most prestigious events and is an invitation only event for council chief executives and senior officers.

The Chatham House Rule format promotes frank and honest debate and thinking around the toughest challenges facing local government’s most senior professionals, over a 24 hour period.

Website: https://summit.lgcplus.com

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