Whilst the future remains uncertain, innovation and technology continue to lead instrumental change in the nature of work.

But is it sustainable, and how can companies prepare for a future not yet defined? Future of Work Summit 2021 is committed to delivering key insights into new ways of working, providing a platform to discuss and debate the challenges and solutions underpinned by the transformative impact of technology.

With 2020 providing an unintentional mass home working experiment, we have proven our resilience, as employees continue to work, develop new skills, and adopt new ways of living. These changes to how we work provided a temporary solution, and now the question remains; how do we create a sustainable future of work which continues to use technology to build a more effective workplace?

This year, the conversations will focus through these key topics:

  • The growing need for robust working solutions. Employees proved they can work effectively outside the office hub, promoting the rise of the future of hybrid working. With this however, came new challenges concerning equality, accessibility, and security in a remote environment.
  • Addressing the digital divide. There must be a move towards addressing the diverse digital habits and capabilities of each generation. This is key to managing the generation gap and attracting multigenerational talent in an increasingly competitive market.
  • The blend of technology and wellbeing. Something which has greatly suffered since the start of the pandemic, maintaining this new level of support and engagement with colleagues will be a challenge. It has given rise to new expectations of companies to better prioritise wellbeing, and to utilise technology to aid new strategies.
  • Creating a desirable culture. This will be crucial for business leaders looking to attract and retain new talent whilst remaining competitive. Cultivating an inclusive environment to embrace all colleagues and empower diverse perspectives to drive change will be essential.


Integration of technology into the workplace has changed how employees and businesses engage with work, whilst simultaneously workers’ expectations have begun to change as they search for greater flexibility and more meaning. The Future of Work Summit 2021 provides a unique opportunity to discuss these developing attitudes and gain new perspectives on the challenges. The way we work is changing, and it has never been more important to understand and prepare for the future.

Capita speaker : Will Serle, Chief People Officer.

Session title : A new HR / People Strategy

Session description : Will’s session focuses on the people side of re-integrating employees back into the office. With ‘work from home’ now an employee expectation, how must HR strategies change to incorporate remote working and ensure an equal approach to future work patterns.

Website - londontechweek.com

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