Connected Britain, 21st – 22nd September (confirmed speaking sessions)


Visit Capita at stand 24 during the Connected Britain 21 – 22 September 2021, at the Business Design Centre, London.

Over the past 7 years, #ConnectedBritain has solidified itself as the UK’s number 1 event to understand the technology, regulation and investment environment for the rollout of next generation broadband. 2021 will see further evolution of next generation customer experience technologies, and broadband technologies, especially fibre and 5G, are enabling an economic revolution in the UK.

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Capita Speaking Sessions

1. 20 mins Keynote Speaking slot in the Connected Society Track on Day 1

Date: Tuesday 21st September
Time: 11:45am – 12:05pm
Duration: 20 mins
Speaker: Aimie Chapple, CEO Capita Experience, Capita Plc
Title: Customer Experience and the Evolving expectations: adjusting to the shift in customer demands

Aimie Chapple

Aimie Chapple

CEO Capita Experience, Capita Plc


The last twelve months have seen remarkable changes in how we spend our time, how we engage with the world and each other, and what we expect from brands and organisations. These shifts have major implications for how organisations operate and serve their customers. While some of these changes may be temporary, others will be permanent.

In order to be fit for the future, an up-to-date and forward-looking understanding of consumers is vital and the core driver behind the quest to understand the key fundamentals of Customer Experience.

Through comprehensive market research from organisations that are getting it right, we uncovered the core Fundamentals of CX, all underpinned by adding value and end-to-end experiences, throughout the customer journey.

  • Meeting emotional needs with Empathy - emotional attachment is proven to drive positive behavioural and business outcomes with consumers beyond what is achieved through functional satisfaction alone.
  • Removing friction with Ease - Removing unnecessary obstacles to enable the customer to achieve their objectives quickly and easily have been shown to increase loyalty.
  • Delivering service with Authenticity - Strong brands that deliver on their promises generate trust and goodwill making customers more likely to forgive future mistakes.

2. Roundtable discussion

Date: Tuesday 21st September
Time: 12:05pm – 12:45pm
Duration: 40 mins
Speaker: Alan Linter, Director of Innovation, Capita Plc
Title: How does customer experience in telecoms need to change, to acquire and retain new customers and ensure a profitable road to recovery?

Alan Linter

Alan Linter

Director of Innovation, Capita Plc


With the advent of some significant mergers and acquisitions in the UK telecoms sector, the race is on to acquire customers and capture and secure market share, and at the same time deliver a superior brand and customer experience to retain customers. Investment in acquisition can often mean limited funds to ensure retention and improve experience.

Consumers’ adoption of, and dependence on digital, whether for basic everyday living, working, studying or entertainment has presented enormous challenges to telecoms operators during the pandemic. The changes in usage of products and services will mean that consumer priorities on the kind of experience they are seeking will be different from the pre-Covid era, with the appetite for more digitised experiences. Consequently someone else may have been talking to your customer. The likes of Amazon, Apple, Nordstorm – and the other gods of customer service may have been educating your customer in what excellent looks and feels like.

On the consumer side, there is an emerging group of vulnerable customers needing a more empathetic experience as furlough ends, and many faced with increased financial pressure to pay back both personal and business loans.

During this roundtable we will discuss

  • Should telcos invest in branding and marketing, or focus on a superior digitised customer experience, what’s the optimum balance?
  • How does customer experience need to change to meet new and emerging consumer needs to both delight customers, and improve efficiencies in the post pandemic era?
  • What new digitised experiences will delight the customer, whilst help telcos gain operational efficiency and save time and money?
  • What type of strategies and technologies can be adopted to demonstrate stronger empathy, and inclusion when it comes to helping vulnerable customers?

3. Panel speaking slot conference track: Connected Utilities

Date: Wednesday 22nd September
Topic: Delivering next generation utilities infrastructure with enhanced connectivity
Time: 11:10am – 11:50am
Duration: 40 mins


Ian Adkins

Moderator:Ian Adkins,Principal, Analysys Mason


Martin Jackson,Head Of IS Strategy, Architecture & Product Management, Northumbrian Water Group Plc


Chris Cartwright, Head of Critical Infrastructure, Capita


  • How will fibre and 5G benefit the utilities sector?
  • Strategies for building smarter utilities networks
  • Current digital transformation projects using emerging technologies, e.g. IoT, AI
  • Partnership between the telecom and utilities sectors




Tony Sceales, Head Of 5G Programme Development, UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)


Graham Lunt, Head Of Connected Assets, Thames Water Limited

4. Roundtable discussion

Date: Wednesday 22nd September
Time: 12:10pm – 12:50pm
Duration: 40 mins
Title: Empowering customers on the road to net zero
Moderator: Chris Cartwright, Head of Critical Infrastructure, Capita Consulting

Chris Cartwright

Chris Cartwright

Head of Critical Infrastructure, Capita Consulting


Achieving net zero is everyone’s responsibility – we all have our part to play. For customers, this means radical lifestyle change in order to reduce their personal carbon footprint. Customers are neither aware nor prepared for this change. So how can businesses and government support them?

This roundtable will explore:

  • The importance of customer awareness and insight in motivating customers to be engaged
  • The next generation customer: using maturity models to engage with the right offering at the right time
  • Barriers to success: the importance of combining education with seamless customer care
  • The role of data insight and analysis, examining how can companies can leverage the power of this data to inform, persuade and cajole their customers effectively to sustainable behaviour change.