Webinar: Overcoming the out of hours service delivery challenge together


The out of hours public sector partnership - overcoming the out of hours service delivery challenge together 

Thursday, 2nd December 2021 1pm

Emergency homelessness, social service support, housing responses, repairs and dangerous structures have no concept of time and can happen at any time. When citizens are in need of out of hours support, local authorities and housing bodies have a duty of care to provide 24/7 customer service, specifically where there is a possible danger to life or limb.

But how can the public sector ensure they’re providing around the clock quality customer care to those who need it most when budgets are tight and in many cases shrinking?

As a senior practitioner from an organisation which provides an out of hours service, we invite you to discuss with fellow local authorities, housing associations and partners of the out of hours partnership how to overcome challenges and deliver best practice in out of hours customer services in the coming decade.

Join us to also receive an overview of the out of hours public sector partnership led by Ealing council, used by many local authorities and housing associations across the UK.

Speakers: Michelle Bernard, Lead Client Manager, Ealing Council Out of hours Service
Julie Pocock, Customer Services Operations Manager, Enfield Council
Natalia Monvoisin, Head of Customer Contact, London Borough of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
Jaye Gannon, Out of Hours Operations Manager, Capita
Lynn Greener, Customer Services Director, Capita
Vincent Hunt, Procurement Lead, Ealing Council


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