Giving your customers the right answer at the right time

Customers expect access to companies across all channels, at a time that suits them, with rapid resolution of their queries, purchases or complaints. Contact centres and customer service teams were already rapidly evolving ways of working to meet this demand. Now, with Covid-19, they’re also having to adapt to unexpected surges in enquiries – and how they respond will have far reaching impact on their reputation and ability to recover post-Covid-19.

We help clients by managing peaks and troughs of enquiries: chatbots can be deployed within hours to provide a first line of response across multiple channels. We can set up contact centres in days to cope with surges or new product or service launches, with empathetic, experienced agents on hand to provide round the clock support as you need it. Where you have agents working from home, our virtual contact centre technology connects them securely.

We streamline frontline customer interactions across the customer journey, including collections and debt management, with automation for quicker workflows and video-streaming for effective service prioritisation.

As the UK’s leading onshore contact centre operator we bring experience, technology and process excellence gained in over 30 years working with local government and major brands such as the BBC, O2 and Marks & Spencer.

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Strengthening your operations with responsive, resilient resourcing

As organisations get to grips with accommodating differentiated demand, they’re having to deploy teams and resources quickly and efficiently, with employees often needing to cover the roles of colleagues unable to work or who have been furloughed.

We’re helping clients to overcome those resourcing challenges by providing dedicated remote support and processing teams to ensure immediate continuity for a range of services, including real-time payroll changes as teams flex up or down to meet Covid-19-related demands. We can also rapidly screen and onboard new staff, as we’ve done recently for healthcare organisations and private companies needing to recruit at scale as a result of experiencing surges in demand.

We develop talented people to fill skills gaps and strengthen existing teams, including experts in complex programme management, HR, technology and customer experience.

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Helping public services meet citizen demand

The current health crisis and social distancing safeguards are particularly challenging for public sector organisations facing increased pressure from citizens to deliver services against a backdrop of volatility of staff availability.

Our customer service teams are helping to support and reassure communities by easing the pressure on contact centres during the day, with an emergency out of hours customer service partnership ensuring vulnerable citizens receive assistance when they need it most.

As part of this we’re using the latest technologies to bring services closer to citizens whilst relieving the pressure on teams. From chatbots which provide a fast, accurate first line of response, to AI services that help structure the way information is provided, to online applications for benefits which allow people to self-serve and apply for the support they need, we’re helping to reduce the pressure and improve the experience of citizens accessing those services.

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Managing a skilled, sustainable workforce

Across all organisations, Covid-19 means teams are working differently and need to find new ways to connect, collaborate and support each other. Whether your people are working from home or need to be redeployed to other functions, our HR expertise and remote technologies ensure you can continue to support them, even as the size and shape of your workforce changes.

We help you adapt to managing a remote workforce with secure collaboration software and tools which allow employees to log their hours and absence remotely. Our technology also supports effective resource planning, enabling you to redeploy staff wherever possible to avoid the need for furloughed workers.

We provide the expertise to help you deliver appropriate, timely internal communications to give your people the information they need to stay engaged and productive. And our learning platforms ensure employees can continue to develop their skills from home to meet today’s changing demands and to re-skill for tomorrow’s needs.

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Minimising the disruption to teaching and learning

Teachers and pupils are doing their best in the most difficult of circumstances. But even whilst most students are unable to attend a traditional classroom setting, our trusted technology and expert educational practitioners support you so your students can keep learning.

Our online classroom and assessment tools help maintain momentum by enabling teachers to set and mark work, complemented by hosted libraries which staff can use to engage students safely, providing valuable resources from wherever they have internet access.

Having a secure online environment has never been so crucial and we make sure you have the right tools to do that, at the same time providing wider access and helping you to collaborate effectively with staff, students, parents and your governing body.

We provide extra resource for property maintenance and remote finance support, and can transform face to face programmes into online training to provide staff with ongoing personal development.

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Supporting the pandemic response

We’re supporting governments and healthcare organisations to address the biggest demand and resourcing challenge they’ve ever faced. By harnessing the power of digital technology we can relieve the burden on triage and wider healthcare services.

Our pandemic response solution is designed by clinicians and features teletriage software with algorithm-led clinical guidance to support quick, accurate patient assessments over the telephone. This is enhanced by live video-streaming technology for informed decision-making. Intuitive self-service tools further relieve precious healthcare resource by helping patients to self-assess symptoms from home, and then signposting them to the next appropriate step.  Our video-sharing technology adds richness to patient telephone consultations by allowing medics to make a visual assessment.

And we’re also helping utilities and transport providers to prioritise their most vulnerable customers with a user-friendly application which lets them easily report any change in circumstances.

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Using automation to ease workloads and improve outcomes

Now, more than ever, organisations need to adopt the latest people-led automation technology to free their teams from repetitive, time-consuming tasks and improve productivity.

One example is our robotic process automation (RPA) solution, which mirrors human actions in software applications to remove the need to input data from other sources. Within healthcare, our RPA solution is already reducing the administrative burden of nurses and healthcare staff, freeing them to focus on their patients.

We’re supporting local authorities with other forms of automation, including making it easier to assess a large number of benefits applications: automation is cutting down the usual workload of manual checking and processing to free local authority staff so they can focus on more complex claims.

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Distributing public funds fast

Getting the right public funding to those in need is important at any time, but critical when supporting the nation through the current crisis. With over a decade of experience of multi-channel grant operations, including disbursing Covid-19 business grants and over £14billion of public funds every year, we’re uniquely placed to help.

In just 48 hours we can design, develop and stand up a fully managed end-to-end grant processing service, from registration and assessment to payment and appeals. Back-office automation and sophisticated anti-fraud tools ensure greater efficiency and transparency for grant-makers, who can also track outcomes with real-time performance reports.

Applicants can access the online application easily, with automation offering an improved user experience and leading to more successful applications.

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