Emergency live streaming solutions

Our solutions feed live incident footage and caller GPS location to the control room, ensuring better understanding of emergency calls and faster, more objective decision making and response.
911eye app in use

Live ‘on scene eyes’ enhancing situational awareness and caller safety

Dispatchers are under time pressure to question emergency callers to ascertain what's wrong, where they are and who is in danger, in order to dispatch the right resources.

999/911/112eye allows emergency callers to share accurate location information and live incident footage with dispatchers to greatly help in making these decisions. Armed with ‘on scene eyes’ and a greater understanding of the scenario, dispatchers gain an accurate picture of what help is required, and can ensure callers receive the best, most appropriate response, as quickly as possible. 

It delivers: 

  • real-time understanding of incidents, which is critical in protecting lives
  • accurate information, allowing more informed decision-making
  • efficient dispatch decisions, meaning more efficient use of resources
  • situational awareness and improved safety, through sharing footage with responding personnel
  • collaboration, sharing footage with partner agencies
  • collection of potential evidence throughout an event, which can prove invaluable later
  • reduced costs, by reducing hoaxes and misuse of resources.
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as a solution that will ‘change the face of today’s policing’


by multiple agencies across the UK and the USA


to support decisions in amending response

“It’s very much increasing the efficiency of our response in terms of being able to augment or reduce attendances as and when we get the fuller picture.”

Graham McCann, West Midland Fire Control

How it works

With no app required, the service enables a caller with any smartphone to stream live footage direct from their phone’s camera into the emergency service control room. As soon as the live stream is activated, the control room also receives GPS coordinates for the caller’s location, which dynamically updates throughout the call.

No footage is stored on the user’s device and, if the caller has poor signal, or the device doesn’t support video, they can opt to send still photo images instead.

All media and data received is recorded securely as potential evidence for further investigation. The service is securely hosted and scaleable for use in any organisation.

Key features include:

  • no app required – works on any smart device and operating system
  • confirms caller location and maps dynamically-updated via GPS coordinates to speed response
  • secure, one-time-use link sent by SMS or email
  • real-time live video stream, viewable in the control room and shared with supervisors and first responders, as needed
  • maintains voice contact with caller while images are transmitted
  • still images available in lower signal coverage
  • secure cloud-hosted service
  • can reduce hoax call mobilisations.

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We're helping the US emergency services to save lives by giving them a clear view of any accident scene.

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“When we receive multiple calls for an incident a single image or video really helps us pinpoint the location and assess the risk. We know, from feedback from attending crews, that our decisions have had a positive impact on the outcome of the incident.”

Staffordshire and West Midlands Fire Control, 

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