Digital interview recording technology

Our EvidenceWorks Interview Recording System (IRS) is delivering significant savings by underpinning process transformation and aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and nationally.
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Market-leading digital interview recording technology

The EvidenceWorks IRS solution is specifically tailored for all environments where interviews are recorded, whether audio only or audio and video – in custody suites, public protection, vulnerable witness suites or as a portable solution for use in other locations.

It provides digital recording devices that can be deployed flexibly – as standalone devices, regionally deployed or collaboratively networked.

Its simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface reduces training needs and improves ease of use for staff, ensuring a smoother, more efficient interview recording process for all involved.

One million

police interviews recorded to date using EvidenceWorks IRS


of UK police forces use EvidenceWorks solutions

“Replacing the ageing dual deck tape machines was critical to ensuring the continued quality and security of evidence. By choosing a solution, based on the forces’ digital vision, business needs and technical specification, we have been able to ensure and enhance the quality and security of evidence, reduce overheads and promote greater collaboration across the four forces in the East Midlands region.”

Simon Senior, East Midlands Regional IT at Transformation Programme Manager

How it works

The EvidenceWorks IRS can be deployed in various ways, to best suit your individual requirements and scale.

As part of the EvidenceWorks suite, the solution can also be extended to provide a complete Digital Evidence Repository or Digital Evidence Management solution for the ongoing storage, management and analysis of any and all digital evidence components.

Our EvidenceWorks IRS solution:

  • promotes process transformation by aiding collaboration between forces, across regions and nationally
  • delivers efficiency savings due to full integration with records management systems, including Niche RMS, plus transcription support and pre-populated forms
  • saves time thanks to easy interview playback for officers or investigation teams with no need to retrieve or copy media
  • ensures security and compliance via a full audit trail
  • frees up senior or supervising officers from additional travel or fixed locations through remote monitoring of live interviews via a shared network.
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Features and benefits

Features of the EvidenceWorks IRS:

1. deployable on Capita’s fit-for-purpose hardware or on other PC, laptop or tablet platforms, if required.

2. proven network security, storage and management applications.

3. unique, open standard web service integration with record management systems, including Niche RMS.

4. built-in business information (metadata) capture in both standalone and integrated operations.

5. automated pre-populated, transcription support for MG15 templates using captured metadata.

6. simple and intuitive touchscreen operation providing one-touch recording and internal microphones.

7. adjacent room monitoring as standard and remote monitoring when deployed in a networked environment.

8. ISO20000-1 accredited 24/7/365 support service.

Benefits of removing physical media:

    1. reduced officer time handling DVDs

    2. reduced risk of data loss and potential consequences

    3. no transportation costs

    4. no media procurement costs

    5. no need for library management and storage of physical media

    6. streamlined workflow direct to transcribers — no transportation lag for urgent interviews

    7. reduced re-keying and improved data quality of interview metadata via integration with force records

    8. management systems from recording device.

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