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The EvidenceWorks Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution is a complete digital evidence management platform, allowing UK and international criminal justice agencies to centrally manage all digital evidence. Digital evidence can easily be ingested, catalogued, analysed and shared from multiple sources.
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Ensuring digital evidence can easily be ingested, catalogued, analysed and shared from multiple sources

EvidenceWorks is a market-leading digital evidence management platform, deployed successfully in many police forces across the UK.

The EvidenceWorks Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution provides a single, networked repository with the capacity to store, secure and replay media collected from a range of sources including digital interviews, body worn video, CCTV and public-provided media. 

The solution is browser-based, providing an intuitive and modern user interface to reduce training time and speed of adoption.

Our EvidenceWorks DEM solution:

  • transforms operations and improves businesses processes by enabling process change and system efficiencies
  • improves data quality and efficiencies through seamless system integration, including integration with Niche RMS
  • delivers cost savings via integration, efficiencies, removing the requirement for media storage and transport
  • reduces risk of data loss through secure, robust storage and data sharing capabilities.


with a variety of Police records management systems including Niche RMS.


via the Government Digital Marketplace.


police officers use the solution, from interview recording to full multi-source digital evidence management.

“Working with Capita’s EvidenceWorks DEM platform has provided Avon & Somerset Constabulary with a strategic platform for the future of digital evidence management, enabling us to be ready to share media with our partners and support the aim of providing our officers and staff with a single repository for all digital evidential material.”

Julian Kern, ACO at Avon & Somerset Constabulary

How it works

EvidenceWorks DEM provides a core database that integrates with an agency’s tiered storage solutions. It includes the capability to ingest, catalogue, store, analyse and share media from multiple sources. Once stored, all items are audited and can be watermarked to provide added security. They can also then be added to digital case files and forwarded to criminal justice partner agencies.

The solution is scaleable and can be deployed locally or regionally, and offers a modular structure for phased growth – to best suit an agency’s specific requirements. 

EvidenceWorks DEM provides:

  • interfaces to multiple controlled sources of media
  • the ability to handle media from uncontrolled sources, either through direct interfaces or via third party solutions
  • full MoPI compliance
  • integration with records management systems, including Niche RMS, plus other existing police systems
  • integrated workflow management
  • full search, retrieve, edit and share functionality
  • full access, security and activity audits.

EvidenceWorks DEM fully integrates with the EvidenceWorks interview recording solution to provide a future-proof, digital recording, storage and management solution, providing continuity ‘from capture to court'.

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Features and benefits

A flexible modular solution

Data sources:

  • EvidenceWorks® or third-party ‘edge devices’ or external data sources
  • Integrated with EvidenceWorks® IRS either via direct connection or proprietary databases

Source integration layer

  • Modules for managing the ingestion and cataloguing of media files from chosen data sources
  • Integration using standard web services technology

EvidenceWorks® DEM

  • Central core database that can integrate with force tiered storage solutions
  • Maintains evidential integrity through audit and access controls
  • MoPI compliant and modular licensing for data sources

EvidenceWorks® manager

  • Provides user access to stored data for search and retrieval
  • Specialist audio and video services for review and edit, case file building and workflow
  • System management, profiles and configuration

EvidenceWorks® analytics (future)

  • Automated video analytics through object / facial / event recognition

Core system integration

  • Integrates with core police systems such as RMS and national CDIS
  • Works with multiple systems, enabling regional collaboration

Service and support

  • 24 / 7 / 365 UK application support
  • UK field service support for EvidenceWorks® - supplied data source devices



Web service interfaces and open integration with data sources and core systems

Scalable and flexbile

  • Operationally live and procured for a regional deployment
  • Integrates with tiered storage
  • Modular approach allowing phased growth


  • De-duplication of data storage
  • Improved data quality
  • Reduced data entry
  • Each item can be allocated a workflow for review by a user

Audit and MoPI

  • All user access and actions recorded and auditable
  • Full review, retain and delete management of data

Evidential integrity

Original media retained and copies / edits audited


  • Continuous product development
  • Examples - secure portal, smartcard integration, analytics


  • Metadata from native devices or added by users
  • Ingest, catalogue, search / retrieve, clip / edit, share

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