Transforming policing by integrating back office applications

Our Origin Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform enables police forces to transform themselves and save money without affecting their ability to fight crime and protect the public.

Thirty forces across the UK are using it to integrate their back-office applications including HR, duty management, payroll and expenses. They’re saving money, working more efficiently and spending more time on active policing and less time on administration as a result.

We’ve developed a unique partnership with them that makes it cheaper and less risky for them to use Origin ERP. Combine that with our ability to deliver the solution in several different ways and you have a platform that’s flexible enough to support any police force’s efforts to transform their back-office functions.

Origin ERP is helping police forces to:

  • manage officers’ working patterns more easily
  • make sure officers with the right skills are where they’re needed most
  • cut bureaucracy and gather accurate data more efficiently
  • get secure access to key data whenever and wherever they need it.
“Human Resources was at the heart of our decision-making process to choose Origin ERP from Capita. Origin is developed specifically for the police service and by taking advantage of the full scope of the system, we have gained a fully integrated ERP system.” Staffordshire Constabulary

How it works

Origin ERP is a fully integrated, off-the-shelf product that provides a platform for forces, individually or as part of a group, to transform their back-office functions.

It has modules that allow clients to customise it and templates that enable them to share best practice with each other while saving money and reducing risk. Origin ERP is built on Oracle’s world-class technology. It automates routine tasks and can be used securely from mobile devices – freeing up more time for active policing. Duty managers, resource planners and senior officers can use Origin ERP’s intuitive self-service front end to get access to key data whenever they need it, no matter where they are, manage shifts, and decide where and how to allocate resources.

Officers out on the beat can use it to get access to their own personnel information, enabling them to book holidays or make expenses claims without having to return to the station. Data only has to be entered once and is then available and up to date in a single, secure application. Depending on our clients’ needs, we can deliver Origin ERP to a single force, to several forces as a shared service, or as part of an outsourced programme.

There is considerable potential for improving efficiency by putting information and task completion tools in the hands of officers wherever they are. Travel time to and from stations to access systems can be reduced, creating more time for active, visible policing.

Origin Mobile has been designed for use by operational police officers using phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It provides a simple yet valuable way to give officers personnel information wherever they are. It also brings them access to a carefully selected group of functions, removing the need for them to return to the station to complete those tasks that use Origin Resource Management. 

Senior officers will also find Origin mobile a useful tool. For example, when they are in a meeting and need some information, they can access it on the spot, rather than having to get to a desktop PC or laptop.

Simple to implement and easy to use, it’s a natural extension of your existing Origin application. With portable devices now part of most officers’ equipment, this is a straightforward addition to their tools that makes operational and financial sense.

Supporting timely decision-making with powerful, intuitive analytics

Our Origin ERP solution is now enhanced with a modern, powerful analytics tool – Orbit - to offer cross-domain reporting with real-time analytical capability. Easy to use, Orbit features interactive dashboards and visualisations for business information, with a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. Because it’s so intuitive, it’s easier to self-serve so you’re able to make informed decisions at any time.

The new analytics software replaces the incumbent reporting tool - Origin Discoverer - to provide a more functionally-rich, future-proof solution. We’re working with West Mercia Police and other customer groups to refine the design, with a key priority being the seamless migration of data from Origin Discover to Orbit.

We’re also creating a significant number - nearly 200 - of pre-built reports across finance and human capital management (HCM), including for human resources, workforce planning, learning and development, payroll, performance, benefits and many more.

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