A fully integrated, next-generation operational policing solution

Modern policing has changed dramatically over recent years and is likely to continue to do so.

Police IT systems have struggled to keep up with the needs of modern policing as they have developed but, having listened to forces about what they need, now and in the future, we have designed PoliceWorks to meet this challenge.

PoliceWorks delivers:

  • an holistic solution supporting all the key business functions from crime investigation to digital case files
  • modern component-based Microsoft architecture offering a future proofed solution
  • a modern, flexible, intuitive and easy to use user interface
  • a consumer platform ‘look and feel’ reducing training time
  • flexibility to deliver anywhere, anytime access
  • a solution that's flexible and configurable for each force – and is future proof
  • built in business intelligence and visual analytics for front line staff.
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How it works

PoliceWorks comprises a number of individual modules that cover everything from crime and enquiry before arrest through to custody, case preparation and prosecutions through to appeal. Structuring the system this way supports the data principle of ‘enter once and reuse many times’ without any internal system impediments. Data quality is enhanced as a ‘search first and then create’ approach is taken, reducing the likelihood of duplication and the creation of unnecessary records.

All or any of the individual modules can be selected and implemented as a stand-alone solution or combined to work together as required:

  • custody
  • case preparation
  • crime 
  • investigations
  • missing persons
  • warrants
  • public protection
  • property
  • offender management
  • tasking and briefing
  • business intelligence
  • agile working.

A single system configuration enables a ‘single source of the truth’ approach, as all relevant information is held centrally and can be accessed from the system. For example, a quick reference to a particular crime could be obtained from the custody office without a need to log on to a separate crime system. The PoliceWorks data model has been designed to fulfil the Police National Database (PND) strategic approach for data requirements to support operational policing; principally the Person, Object, Location and Event (POLE) data model.

Key features of our operational policing platform

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