Our utility services

Infrastructure asset management solutions

Thanks to our innovative software systems, utilities and transportation field workers can share and record almost as much detailed information as if they were sat in the office, helping them to be extremely effective.

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Fieldworker management software

Affinity Fieldreach is our award-winning enterprise mobility solution being used on over 50,000 devices by leading infrastructure and energy clients in Europe, US, Australia and South Africa.

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Energy, water and waste

Across energy, water and waste we provide property and construction advice as well as detailed design and specialist services encompassing anaerobic digestion and biogas, biomass, liquid biofuels, waste water treatment and energy centres.

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Our work

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Housing services

We're transforming services to help communities, developing approaches fit for the challenges now, and ahead.

From estate renewal and new build homes, to planning development, regeneration and housing management technology, we're delivering solutions to support every need within the housing sector.

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Property and infrastructure

Capita is a leading force in real estate advisory and infrastructure consultancy. We’re leading numerous vital projects, from the construction of the UK’s roads and rail networks to key environmental initiatives and flood defence schemes to commercial buildings and residential property.

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Workforce management

We know that people are your most important asset. That's why we've created a range of HR management tools to help you organise your workforce efficiently. From manufacturing firms to the emergency services, we've got a solution for your organisation.

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