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Our infrastructure services are keeping organisations ahead of the pace in today’s ever-changing IT landscape.

We design and manage intelligent IT networks that deliver huge value to organisations. We help businesses migrate to and make best use of – cloud services, whether they’re part of a private, public or hybrid solution. We also help them to counter cyber threats and incorporate the IoT into their processes.

Our network solutions for Kent County Council save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our tailored software for Nuffield Health allows teams to share diagnostic images securely from any location on any device, improving patient outcomes.

We’re investing heavily in talent to ensure we’re a partner you can rely on to meet whatever IT challenges the future holds.


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What are the key market trends for cloud? What are the challenges? And what are the key innovations coming over the next five years?
Hear from Wasif Afghan, our head of cloud and platform.
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Delivering a smart connected Scotland

Delivering a smart connected Scotland

With the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN), we’re delivering one of the most ambitious and significant single public sector ICT initiatives ever carried out in Scotland.

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