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There are many factors involved in creating a robust, cyber-secure operation that will keep your data safe, your interests secure and your customers happy.

Often the challenge lies in bringing together a complex set of expert skills, and unfortunately this can mean shifting from specialist to specialist to patch a solution together.

A key advantage to partnering with Capita is the breadth of services we offer, all under one roof. The support we provide doesn’t stop at recommendations but goes on to actively help you achieve all the outcomes you need, at every step of the way.

As a consultancy we can guide you to the best security options for your business. But we also offer comprehensive testing capabilities, from fake hacking to penetration testing, to ensure the steps you’ve taken actually deliver the security you want.

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Technology to support business continuity

With the pandemic, business as usual takes on a new meaning for most organisations, and technology is playing a bigger role than ever before.

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How it works

Through our managed services we help customers build the processes they need and recruit the staff required to run them. Or if you feel you’ve already invested substantially in technology over the years but never truly realised a return, we’ll work to get it delivering the maximum benefit for you.

Security is not just about technology. Your fragility could also lie in your people, how they respond to incidents and their own appreciation of the risks and the part they can play in reducing them.

As consultants we act as the bridge between your technology and your teams, encouraging them to change their behaviours and further boost the safety of your business.

As your security partners we want you to feel that you understand your priorities more clearly and your security investments are properly aligned with your business objectives.

We give you the confidence that your operation is properly protected against cyber attack so you can continue growing your business, with one more worry removed.

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