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The risks of remaining with an outdated operating system are substantial, especially an unsupported one such as Windows 7.

Many of today’s vital productivity tools are denied to you, and it’s far harder to keep your data protected and your enterprise safe from cyber attack. The NHS fell victim to the Wannacry virus, at an estimated cost of £92m, in part because it was still reliant on a 17-year old version of Windows XP.

In January 2020, Microsoft finally stopped releasing security updates and patches for Windows 7. Yet just 12 months before that deadline it was estimated that more than 40% of business computers were still dependent on it, and vulnerable as a result.

Switching to Windows 10, and keeping it well managed and up to date, is a critical consideration for any organisation charged with keeping its data safe, its people productive and its business agile in a digital future.

Our approach

As a Windows 10 partner, we can support you, whether you’re upgrading to the operating system for the first time, or looking to extract the most from your exiting investment, with the minimum maintenance effort.

Capita’s consultancy services can upgrade old devices, identify those at risk and deploy replacements, and configure both so they are all fully optimised for the new operating system. Ongoing management and support will ensure your estate is always operating at its peak.

We will automatically test and de-risk feature updates so your IT team doesn’t have to, and can focus its attention on more urgent issues.

And we’ll bring you a wealth of added value insight that unlocks the smarter ways of working in the Cloud, waiting in the deeper layers of Windows 10.

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Our services

Capita can turn Windows 10 into a driver for your business

How can we help your organisation?

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