Employee experience is now a strategic priority for business leaders and a key metric for HR. Your people are your brand: they deliver on your promises, drive your growth and secure your reputation. That’s why employee experience deserves as much care and creativity as you apply to customer engagement.

In a customer-centric world, employers treat candidates and colleagues as consumers of the employment experience. Think beyond ‘benefits and perks’, and every process touchpoint (from onboarding to payroll) becomes an opportunity to build trust and loyalty. But a truly consumer-grade employee experience is also about helping individuals find purpose and fulfilment in their work.

The default style for people processes is factual and rules-based rather than intuitive and emotional. But long after people forget exactly what was said, they remember how they felt about it – excited, alienated or maybe apathetic. The lasting improvements invariably start with an honest examination of the daily realities of the workplace. By understanding how people feel about their working life (and why), we can temper the logic of business processes with warmth and empathy.

Involving people in the consultation starts to build trust and ownership in itself. But when you combine authentic workplace insight with genuinely creative communication, you create the kind of magic that transforms culture.

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