Why should the people you need to employ choose to join you, work with you and stay with you? When skills are scarce and talented people have so many options, how do you persuade them to invest their effort and potential in your future?

The answer is to get your story straight and then keep telling it, through every channel and touchpoint. Speak confidently about who you are and ‘what it means to be part of this’, and you will attract and retain more of the right people. What makes you special as an organisation will also make you special as an employer. The more honest and authentic your story, the easier it is to back every promise you make with the proof that brings it to life.

Your employer brand should shape and enrich every aspect of the employee experience, not just in those novel first few days/weeks/months of joining your team, but through continuing engagement and long-term relationships. You can certainly raise your profile with award-winning films, social media campaigns and personalised candidate experiences.

But if you join the dots, you can also inject that authentic brand spirit into the nuts and bolts of the workplace, from vetting and onboarding to payroll and performance management. That’s how you reinforce the link between the success of your organisation and the engagement of the people who make it happen.

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