Traditional approaches to resourcing are no longer fit for purpose. They can’t fill the yawning talent gaps and they can’t help employers build the agility, resilience and diversity they need into the workforce.

That’s why we developed a hybrid capability that combines different kinds of solution to meet specific client challenges. If you have twenty technical business analyst roles to fill, we can usually pull in two or three strong candidates, straight off the bat, from our network (the MPS recruitment engine).

We can fill the rest of the immediate gap using employed resources and blended squads, employed by us but working for you. That’s going to be 15-30% cheaper than standard contractor arrangements, and we are taking the risks and responsibilities of employment (Including IR35) away from you.

In the longer term, we can build a sustainable talent pipeline with our NOVUS future talent programme – recruiting, training and feeding appropriately skilled graduates into your succession plan. If you have roles requiring specialised skills or sector experience, our highly connected search teams will find them.

You get several bites of the resourcing cherry, but you also consolidate and concentrate your investment: our team works together, sharing insights and intelligence, integrating tactical and strategic activity, to meet your needs. And because we’re here to augment your own resources, you take what you need from us and no more.

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