HR leaders need to cut costs, manage risk and boost performance. But now there’s a parallel imperative to ‘remove the grit’ for employees, making life easy across the spectrum of people processes, from onboarding and wellbeing to payroll and promotion.

This is why future-focused enterprises are committed to the creation of truly consumer-grade employee experiences. Success still depends on doing the basics brilliantly, but there’s a new focus on using every process touchpoint as an opportunity to build loyalty and engagement. 

Our digital HR capability blends operational HR experience with intelligent automation to create an agile transformation and delivery capability, laser-focused on your priorities. We can help you transform your entire HR operating model, create HR capacity for you to deliver transformation, or simply manage one, or multiple, HR and payroll processes . We can create a new digital ecosystem and hand it back to you – or we can run parts of your existing technology for you. 

Technology-agnostic and hype-averse, we know all the leading HR platforms inside-out, but we also seek out new partnerships and applications that deliver breakthroughs in performance and functionality. We play the role of ‘critical friend’ – on your side and identifying with your objectives, but also independent and knowledgeable enough to call out risks and opportunities. This is intelligent augmentation rather than blind outsourcing: you offload the processing burden, but you maintain absolute control with advanced workplace metrics and real-time analytics.

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