Employers are changing their policies, practices and planning to drive inclusivity and harness the benefits of a diverse workforce. From boardroom to shop floor, there are important decisions to make about the future shape of the workforce, and leaders are hungry for data.

Advances in analytics make it possible to interrogate the impact of attraction and assessment processes at a granular level. Evidence-based decision support shows what’s really happening in the resourcing process and identifies areas for decisive intervention, whether that’s tuning attraction messaging or weeding out hidden bias in selection tests. We help employers identify barriers to access and we use the latest research in cognitive and behavioural sciences to break them down.

There are difficult and sensitive cultural issues to address here: it takes courage to acknowledge and confront practices and beliefs that are explicitly or implicitly prejudiced. But we have the evidence and examples to prove what works and improve decision-making. We are doing award-winning work on diversity and inclusion that is changing things for many under-represented groups, from ethnic minorities and women returning to work, to people with disabilities, neurodiverse individuals and victims of social disadvantage.

The growing focus on outcomes is significant because we’re all about delivering practical results and measurable value.

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