When organisations reinvent themselves for a new world order, it often starts with the leadership teams who direct and deliver that change.

Employers will always need to fill a key executive role and the answer will often be a pin-point search and selection exercise. We handle many of those premium assignments and our success rate (based on appointment from the first candidate shortlist submitted) is consistently around 95%.

However, building a cohesive leadership team can be nuanced and complex. It’s more than combining complementary strengths and diverse outlooks; it’s about creating a closely bonded group of people who can trust each other and work together to deliver the strategy. With expertise in assessment, executive development, interim management, market research and conventional search, we offer uniquely integrated solutions which are highly effective.

We can look beyond single roles for the synergies of team dynamics and multi-disciplinary collaboration. We can help you play to people’s strengths, compensate for individual weaknesses and enable people to fulfil their potential. We help find temporary fixes for urgent gaps, while buying time to build a sustainable succession plan. Premium executive resourcing might feel different from the scale and pace of high-volume recruitment. But the focus on client outcomes is exactly the same: whether in the board room or the call centre, we’re here to deliver the results that matter.

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