Even as resourcing teams have shrunk in size, there’s been rising pressure on those teams to improve the performance, efficiency and experience of the recruitment process. The spotlight is now firmly on quality of hire, as well as cost and speed.

So how long does it take a new hire to become a productive colleague? What role can recruitment play in improving diversity, inclusion and social mobility? How are changes in the workplace shifting employee expectations and affecting relationships with talent? And how do we measure and manage the impact of all these issues on the bottom line?

We offer the people, technology, processes and whatever support you need to meet your most pressing resourcing priorities. We can offer support across the entire lifecycle of talent acquisition (consult, attract, screen, assess and onboard), so that you can plug and play exactly the right components to deliver on your talent agenda.

We combine automation with human judgement to create branded, personalised candidate journeys, delivering the right outcome for everyone involved. We understand the pressures you face, so we can dial our involvement up and down quickly to accommodate surges and falls in demand. And across the talent cycle, from attraction to onboarding, we provide the analytics, insight and intelligence to improve recruitment effectiveness, purposefully and progressively, over time.

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