Background employment checks provide essential protection from people-related risk. It’s important to get this right because the penalties for failure can be catastrophic. But what exactly does ‘getting it right’ mean?

Legislation and regulation are changing all the time. Technology offers faster processing, lower costs and reduced complexity – as well as entirely new levels of insight and decision support. But even deep subject knowledge and sophisticated systems are not enough. Behind the mechanics of the process is the issue of trust: trust based on a commitment to quality, precision and integrity; trust based on meaningful relationships.

Conventional vetting is a cold process – and it’s often dreaded as the worst part of the candidate journey. But every part of our business is here to help you re-define your relationships with talent in a changing world. So for us, the quality of the candidate experience is paramount – not least in delivering the results (and peace of mind) that you need as an employer.

Every person who reaches this stage of the recruitment cycle represents a significant investment in attraction, assessment, selection. It’s not just that you can’t afford to lose valuable talent by fumbling a late-stage process. The background checks must be a positive, brand-affirming step in the candidate journey, reassuring them and confirming that they are making a great decision in joining your organisation. 

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