Equipping our clients with a workforce fit for the future by recruiting exceptional talent

Recognising the importance of talent to your future viability is the first step in the journey to building a people-centric approach to resourcing. We can help you establish an effective talent strategy that delivers the right competency, skills, and expertise.

Whether you’re looking for a trusted partner to advise on your workforce strategy, your employer brand, or an outsourced provider to deliver the solutions to your recruitment challenges, we can ensure you find the people you need. We also make sure your onboarding has impact, increasing your workforce engagement and productivity.

Through our partnership with SAP, we developed a groundbreaking wellness and benefits strategy. We also helped to position National Grid as a cutting edge employer, and drove social worker vacancies to an all-time low at Essex County Council. 

Talent acquisition services


We’re here to help you with your transformation, building a workforce strategy that makes you stand out  from workforce planning to talent development.

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Outsourced resourcing

Getting your talent acquisition strategy right is critical. But with budget cuts, changing workforce preferences, fragmented visibility on your workforce and competition for niche skillsets, we understand the obstacles you face.

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Executive search

We get to know your organisation’s culture inside out so we only match you with candidates that are the right fit.

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Market intelligence and research

When it comes to your resourcing and people strategies, you need to make decisions grounded in evidence. Our experts are here to help you gather the data that matters to your organisation.

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IT recruitment

Capita IT Resourcing is a leading UK IT and digital recruitment provider, well placed to deliver expert resource and market advice when and where you need it.

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Future talent development

It's important we invest in future talent. With an ever increasing worry around specialist skills shortages, and difficulties in retaining employees, developing today's talent will help you build the workforce of tomorrow.

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Learning and development

With skills as future currency, we help you make the most of human potential in the digital age.

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Employee engagement and benefits

From gym memberships to first-class pensions, we’re helping firms deliver rewards that make sure teams feel valued and perform to their potential.

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HR transformation

At Capita, we’re using our experience, expertise and operational capability to guide organisations towards better outcomes in the digital age.

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