Creating the right learning networks and ecosystems to deliver your learning strategy

We help organisations to implement their learning strategy through managed access to our extensive network of carefully curated content and delivery partners. We advise them on how to set up their learning ecosystem with the right data and analytics in place. 

We have extensive experience of moving private- and public-sector organisations to managed learning services for the first time, some of which are still our partners nearly a decade later. These long-term relationships are built on the trust and consistent performance that are key to success in highly regulated environments.

Our capabilities, including our next generation managed learning service, support and enhance our clients’ L&D functions.


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Our solutions

Learning strategy We help advise on your learning strategy and the best route to execute – to help you build capability in your business.
Managed learning service We ensure that our clients have access to the learning they need, when and how they need it. We take care of all the administration, scheduling and management to make it a smooth experience for managers and teams. We integrate our activities into clients’ processes and complement their teams to create world-class L&D performance. We make sure that learners have a consumer-grade digital experience, integrating their journey into clients’ learning technology systems and our wider ecosystem, creating engaged, inquisitive learners who are active in shaping their own careers.
Learning marketplace access and management

Our ecosystem of carefully curated, high-quality training providers is the largest in the UK. Through it, we give our clients access to qualified resources, negotiating the best-value contracts on their behalf.

Content curation, strategy and design The main thing that we hear from our clients is: We have great content, but we have too much of it and we’re not sure that our learners are finding the best. Through our Brightwave innovation team we play a central curation role for them, ensuring that their learners can easily consume the best, most relevant content. We also design and produce learning content, and facilitate face-to-face, digital or blended learning delivery. Learn more
Learning ecosystems advisory It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of learning technology in the market. Our clients are trying to strike a balance between taking advantage of the innovation that’s available and maximising their existing investments. We advise them how to make the most of their current e-learning platforms and future technology, improving learners’ experience and programmes’ effectiveness.
Data insight and analysis

Many organisations are not effectively measuring learning outcomes. We build or co-create effective mechanisms for our clients to demonstrate their learning efforts’ value and impact. We focus on the key metrics that change when effective learning is happening:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Speed to competency
  • NPS/CSAT Scores
  • Performance management maturity
  • Performance / production output
  • Employee Attrition.

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