As experts in learning transformation, we are uniquely placed to help organisations get to grips with this challenge.

Our consultancy services are designed to act as the strategic extension of your learning function – complementing, leading, and supporting as appropriate.

We help you understand your current state of play, and work with you to define a roadmap to meaningfully transform your learning function through clear strategic direction, intelligent design, and robust analytics.  

Our learning diagnostic assesses your learners’ needs, compliance gaps and skills shortages, so you can put the right learning programmes in place. We can also identify where and when to use the digital tools to support your learning strategy and enhance learner experience.

Right now, working from home means learning & training from home. There has been no bigger recent disruption than that faced by millions of workers up and down the country. This is fundamentally changing the approach to learning and training.

Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

A changing perspective

Download our learning diagnostic overview to find out more about providing impact assessments.


Key challenges

Organisations are experiencing cancellation of scheduled training events, whilst mandatory training requirements still need to be supported, and at the same time many employees have spare time as a result of interruption of regular business activities. Our design and implementation services help you overcome some of the current key challenges.

The key challenges include:

  1. Rapidly converting priority face to face training content.
  2. Finding comparable effective methods to replace the benefits of F2F such as discussion, interaction and team-working.
  3. Technical delivery infrastructure and lack of digital content and creation skills.

Capita learning and training platforms can help you navigate this challenge, and continue to support your employees learning and development needs, taking care of both design and delivery by:

  • optimising technical architectures to support delivery of digital and virtual learning
  • upskilling F2F delivery teams to design and create digital & virtual training material
  • supporting rapid upskilling and role diversification to support re-focused business needs.

Our approach

Our platforms help you emerge stronger for the future by:

  • embedding a culture of digital learning with approaches and techniques piloted to feed a longer-term approach
  • instilling a resilient adaptable workplace learning strategy
  • allowing you to re-introduce F2F training events where they add the most value, as part of a wider digital blend.

As a learning business we are also supporting our customers by helping their leaders and managers navigate the challenges presented by leading from a distance, whilst remaining productive and engaged themselves.

To do this, we have ready-to-go virtual ‘Leading from a Distance’ modules focused on four key topic areas: communicating, inspiring, collaborating and supporting from a distance. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in driving business performance through the development of people, we know what works and we use this to help individuals understand how to shift their own and their teams’ behavior.

We are uniquely positioned to help with our size, scale and immediately deployable breadth of learning and training services.

How can we help your organisation?

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