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Whether reputational, internal employee or change programme-related, we help you with informative, timely employee communications across multiple channels.
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Now more than ever, employees need clear, consistent and continuous communication.

Communication is an enabler to ensure that employees feel connected to the business, supported during a time of change, engaged and productive. It is more important than ever.

We work with our clients to develop communications strategies and content in order to deliver, inform and engage. We reduce anxiety and stress by responding quickly and proactively so employees are informed and get answers to key questions around work, processes, pay and pensions. Now more than ever, employees need clear, consistent and continuous communications.

At Capita we have developed a series of propositions to ensure that we can support any public or private sector organisation across all the touchpoints in the employee lifecycle.

Across HR processes and administration, we have expertise in producing & delivering smart multi-channel employee communications via websites, emails, newsletters and social media content. We provide subject matter knowledge which provides reassurance and ensures we are reacting appropriately. The rate of inbound traffic is considerably reduced while at the same time delivering increased employee engagement and satisfaction.

Equally we have the strategic capability to develop a communications plan that enables you to connect and engage with your workforce in new, digital ways.

Employee communication channels


What we do

Leadership & employee engagement Employee experience Financial security
Leadership communications Digital platform Digital pensions platform
Remote working & new ways of working Continuous updates to align with a dynamic environment Content to promote site and
Wellbeing Email campaigns for internal comms messaging Retirement timeline
Engagement strategy Video content Digital shift package
  Social media content Supporting vulnerable members
  Recruitment & onboarding  
  Learning & development  

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