Unlock new value from tail spend

As companies mature and continue to grow, finding additional value across the procurement process becomes increasingly difficult without a higher level of detail. But there lies an opportunity.

There's more in your tail than you might think, it could offer significant untapped value, and unlocking its potential is what we do best.

At Capita we think the difference is in the detail. Our TAIL procurement service helps you unlock new value from your tail spend, by enabling you to go a level deeper, providing richer insights and a better understanding of your tail.

When the difference is the detail, you reduce risk.

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Look for the detail

Our TAIL procurement service provides you with a detailed picture of your tail spend and suppliers, enabling you to financially plan and manage with confidence. When everything is visible and accounted for, you can see the bigger picture.


Less risk, more reward

Our greater attention to detail and clarity on your tail spend means you can reduce the risk of potential compliance and contract issues. And with TAIL in place, we can help consolidate your supply base.


Changing perspectives

In a fast-growing company, people tend to side-track procurement processes because they lack an understanding of what high-performance procurement processes deliver. This is where we add value – when you partner with us, we’ll help you see the value in your tail, so your procurement team can focus on strategic opportunities.


Better practice

Our experts help your procurement and finance teams reach their full potential by embedding best practice and better training. We equip you with both the software to create greater tail spend visibility and the experts to show you how to get the most out of the service.

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