Today’s business world is in constant flux

It requires continuous upskilling and reskilling focused on growth and creativity. As our world evolves, technology, AI and automation will reshape the traditional jobs that exist today.

Over the next few months we’ll be exploring the changing trajectories across education, skills and employment, sharing views of some of the leading experts and brightest minds to help us better understand how to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and how to keep pace with the ever evolving nature of work.

Two minutes with Capita’s Ismail Amla

Capita’s Chief Growth Officer, Ismail Amla, looks at how we’re at the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and that an organisations competitive advantage is to learn faster than their competitors.

Listen to the three tips that organisations should be doing to ensure they can implement a lifelong learning culture into their business.

Stephanie Baxter
Innovation Lead, Institution of Engineering & Technology
Alex Beard
Author and Senior Director, Teach for All

Two minutes with Dr Kameel Khan

Could 25% of what we know today be obsolete in two years time?  

We are living and working for longer, and to finance a longer life we need to continually change what and how we learn.

Dr Kameel Khan, Visiting Scholar of Law at Stanford University and Social Entrepreneur, explains how we are adapting to the future of learning and work.

Desmond Bermingham
Chief Executive, Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) UK
Richard Knights
Managing Principal,
Capita Consulting
Christopher King
CEO, Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS)
Angharad Holloway
Headteacher at Talbot Heath School
Professor Clare Kelliher
Professor of Work and Organisation at Cranfield School of Management

How should we approach learning in the future?

Dr. Grainne Watson
Head of Digital and Innovation
Paul Roche
Education Sales Director
Stephanie Coward
Business Director

Two minutes with Capita’s Dr Oli Freestone

Capita’s Head of Institute, Dr Oli Freestone, looks at if what we learn at 8 still relevant at 18? Or 80?

The importance of lifelong learning to help us all seize the opportunities, and overcome the challenges, that result from living longer and huge technological change.

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