How can we fuel the reskilling revolution?

Technology has created more access and opportunity than ever before: anyone with a mobile phone can read Harvard University course material, take part in the ‘gig economy’ or find funding for an entrepreneurial venture.

These are all profound and very recent changes to the way we live, learn and work. And, as a result, we need new and different skills – we’re going to have to reskill.

We’ve already started looking at how the world of work is changing, and what we need to do to harness the benefits and preserve ‘meaningful’ work in the future.

To focus on reskilling, we brought together experts in learning and development from Capita and the worlds of education and business, to discuss how we can best prepare for the reskilling revolution.

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“The pace of change is so rapid that we have to act now if we want to keep up – or even stay still.”

Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita plc

The need for a reskilling revolution

With the workplace changing at such a rapid pace, we can’t predict what the skills – or the technology – of the future will be. That’s what makes it so important for people to develop the soft skills, behaviours and capabilities that will make them adaptable and open to change.

With the World Economic Forum launching the Reskilling Revolution Platform, Capita’s Chief Growth Officer Ismail Amla shares some of the highlights from our recent roundtable exploring how organisations can fuel the reskilling revolution.

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Building future thinking and life-long learning

As we try to encourage people to take responsibility for their learning and instil a culture of life-long learning in our organisations, a growth mindset is key. Yet establishing this at an organisational level can be easier said than done. What are some of the approaches that work?

Hear from Kameel Khan, DCI Fellow and Visiting Scholar (Law) at Stanford University, as he shares his insight into how adopting a growth mindset can ensure success not just now but for years to come.

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