Keeping the taps running and the toilets flushing during these unprecedented times is imperative.

Capita is committed to supporting our clients through navigating the difficult balance between maintaining these critical infrastructure services, whilst ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.

We have developed digital solutions to support the inevitable changes Water Companies are experiencing, both with employee working patterns as well as the pressing needs of customers.


The Remote Call Centre In response to the ever-increasing customer calls during this unprecedented time, we have designed an automated artificial intelligence (AI) messaging service for WhatsApp and SMS, in partnership with Live Person. The tool was first designed to be used within Insurance, however to help reduce the impact to the health service, we adapted the solution to reduce the strain on NHS 111 calls. Now we want to roll this out to support other sectors and help reduce the additional stress impacting on call centres. Please use this link to see how this tool works in action.

Here’s how the LivePerson solution can help the water industry reduce customer calls

We understand that water companies are trying to continue supporting customers with their billing and operational queries, as well as managing urgent, emergency calls during this period. LivePerson enables call centres to operate with a skeleton staff and remote workers more effectively, by directing more calls through to the AI messaging service.

Support BAU operations

Whilst this digital tool is particularly relevant during these times, it provides exceptional benefits during business as usual. It has been proven that a text-based chat service dramatically reduces staff turnover and associated workplace stress.


This remote call centre solution will increase operational efficiency and productivity, whilst providing resilience during this challenging time. It also provides a convenient, effective and trusted service at a particularly anxious time for the public.

Capita is ready to help water companies respond to the huge pressures being faced today. Solutions such as ‘LivePerson: The remote call centre’ can be implemented in a matter of days, not months. Contact our water team for help on how to make 'Business UnUsual' your 'Business As Usual'.

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