Keeping the taps running and the loos flushing during these unprecedented times is imperative.  

Capita is committed to supporting clients through navigating the difficult balance between maintaining these critical infrastructure services, whilst ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.

We have developed digital solutions to support the inevitable changes water companies are experiencing, both with employee working patterns as well as the pressing needs of customers.

To see how this tool helps in an emergency response situation, take a look at our video.

See Responseye in action

ResponsEye – Supporting field engineers

In response to government guidelines, water companies are restricting customer interactions unless absolutely necessary. This, combined with greater numbers of staff remote working, means that companies are likely to be operating with a significantly reduced workforce.

ResponsEye, a solution originally developed for public safety, can help support you to continue to operate effectively. With no app required, this service enables an individual with a smartphone to stream live footage direct from their phone’s camera function, into a desktop application.

Here’s how ResponsEye can help the water industry:


Collaboration During these times of reduced staffing levels, work is potentially being carried out by less experienced individuals. Therefore, being able to share real time footage of a situation or job, with a colleague or supervisor is extremely useful.


Finding leaks Frequently, crucial time is wasted locating leaks which have been reported by members of the public, which may be in difficult areas, i.e. a field. Being able to access GPS location in real time speeds up resolution.


Sewer flooding Sewer flooding is one of the worst things to happen to a customer. Being able to share data rich information to engineers can speed up the prioritisation and resolution, which is particularly vital for vulnerable customers.


Other non-emergency site visits Such as property enquiries to locate stop taps, underground/internal water regulation inspections for new developments. If you don’t need to travel and can get the information from shared video in real time, use ResponsEye.

Why ResponsEye:

Capita is ready to help water companies respond to the huge pressures being faced today. Solutions such as ‘ResponsEye’ can be implemented in a matter of days, not months.


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