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At Capita, we have the unique ability to observe and learn from millions of customer interactions, across multiple sectors, every single day.

This enables us to make them more efficient, more cost saving and more productive. But we don’t stop there, these interactions help us to see the big picture, so we can optimise the small moments.

It makes us experts at delivering a million positive individual experiences, not just efficiently but also with great empathy.

For us, a great customer journey isn’t just about knowing the next step, it’s about knowing what people expect.

For us, being innovative is not just about intelligence, but also about empathy. Moving people forward, with both the big and small steps.

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Customer experience transformation

Making customers’ lives easier with simpler, personalised experiences

If there’s unusual activity on an account, such as a sudden increase in water usage, Southern Water applies a billing exception to freeze any additional charges while the cause is investigated.

However, in some cases it was taking a long time to resolve, and the customer was faced with a huge bill when the billing exception was finally lifted, which caused a great deal of anxiety. Now, by working with Southern Water to help redesign the process, the time taken to resolve billing exceptions has reduced to 14 days, and rather than wait for the customer to call Southern Water, we contact them first and keep them informed throughout. This has reduced the number of calls to Southern Water from worried customers by more than three quarters (76%).

Our approach

To tackle the root causes of customer issues we worked with call centre advisors to explore customer journeys, mapping customer pain points and using data to quantify, forecast and highlight areas of improvement.

A proactive approach means we can identify issues and contact customers sooner. We’ve helped Southern Water improve the billing experience, making customer bills easier to understand and reducing them from 15 pages to three. By using data to segment customers, we have been able to personalise experiences and identify and support those who may be financially vulnerable.

After finding less than 50% of customers were able to complete tasks online, we worked with Southern Water to redesign online journeys making it easier to pay a bill, submit a meter reading or close our account.

The impact

By working in partnership with Southern Water and putting the customer at the heart of every process, we have significantly improved their customer experience.

We’ve seen complaints reduce by 68%, online transactions increase to 80-90% completion and a 247% increase in payments received through a digital collections campaign.


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Making policy work for people

We believe that quality public services, creatively designed and powered by technology, are critical to delivering safer, greener and healthier communities that support everyone, including society’s most vulnerable.

We’re a socially responsible business that uses applied digital transformation and technology to improve the productivity of government operations and the citizen experience of public services.

In creating, transforming, and operating public services that are thoughtfully designed and delivered, we make policy work for people’s real lives.

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Government solutions

Supporting the launch and operation of the world’s largest Ultra-Low Emission Zone.

Since we launched the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on behalf of Transport for London in April 2019, nitrogen oxide emissions in London have reduced by 44%, protecting Londoners from harmful levels of pollution.

Our approach

To enable the ULEZ to go live, over 1,400 changes and refinements were made to improve underlying systems and processes. We delivered a full-scale upgrade of the IT infrastructure and enhanced many processes, including camera capture and detection, billing and payments, customer contact and automated enquiry services, database and evidence storage, and the enforcement engine.

From years of providing customer-facing collection services, we understand that offering a variety of customer contact and payment collection channels increases collection rates. As part of the ULEZ go-live and partnering with TfL and others, we thus introduced a mobile pay app allowing customers to pay at places and times that suit them.

The impact

In managing London’s ULEZ, Capita handles 4,000 calls and over 12,000 payments each day. Our work and expertise contribute directly to the 75% early compliance rate for ULEZ, and of course the 44% reduction in NO² emissions.


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