Capita Scaling Partner has been working with TechMarketView to identify 'digital disruptors' to take part in the TechMarketView Early Stage Partner (TESP) programme. The digital disruptor initiative with Capita Scaling Partner is the first in the TESP.

Capita will sit side by side the successful digital disruptors, pitching their proposition to our own client base, providing direct access to decision makers. Successful companies are encouraged to think big and act big while retaining their own brand, culture, identity, agility, and negotiating terms with clients and suppliers on an equal footing. 

Founders and CEOs of the seven shortlisted companies will attend an intensive 90-minute Pre-Qualification Session (PQS) with the Capita Scaling Partner team and TechMarketView research directors. The PQS events will be held in London on Monday 18 June and Wednesday 20 June 2018.

The shortlisted companies attending the sessions are:

Mark Seemann


StaffCircle Ltd

StaffCircle is a workforce engagement and productivity platform that provides multi-channel communication for all desk and non-desk-based people. This enables digitisation of company news, urgent alerts, employee sentiment, objectives, appraisals, awards, training, tasks and directory and delivers it to employees, contractors and candidates via the smartphone in their pockets. This improves organisations communication and reach, reduces attrition and creates greater worker engagement, and productivity. 

Andrew Anderson



Celaton’s Machine Learning platform enables customers to achieve competitive advantage by delivering better service, faster with fewer people. Delivered as a service, inSTREAM™ processes the plethora of content and information that flows into organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees received by email, post, paper, fax, social media and many other electronic data streams. It’s machine learning, but to our customers it’s the best knowledge worker they ever hired and it means better customer service, compliance and financial performance. It’s Machine Learning, but to Celaton’s customers it’s the best knowledge worker they ever hired!

Jason Fahy


MyGov Ltd

Local Digital Platform, Cloud Services & Ecosystems. MYGOV LIMITED is an independently-owned digital services and ecosystems specialist, pioneering the creation of new cloud-based digital services environments (ecosystems) for government initiatives, places and their communities, and the connected enterprise. Its advanced ‘Digital Place’ ecosystem is rapidly growing new cloud services for local customers and communities across UK local government, Police and Health, as well as opening up new markets and territories, including Europe and the Americas.

Fahd Rachidy

Founder and CEO


ABAKA is a Cognitive Financial Wellbeing Platform. We help people save more by powering an affordable and intelligent digital guidance and advice service for every person on earth. We use cutting edge machine learning technology to provide conversational financial advice and intelligent actionable nudges on your spending, debt, savings, pensions and investments. ABAKA has developed a range of cognitive services for financial institutions, available through APIs or white label. These include our proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models uniquely combining deep learning and linguistics; our extended data knowledge creating intelligent insights powered by machine learning; multi-channel access services and 360o view enabling higher customer engagement and value added customer targeting.

Adam Stevens

Co-founder and Head of Business Development


MAPCITE is an award-winning late-stage software and services company. It’s our passionate belief that unlocking the power of accurate location data will benefit everyone and every business, everywhere. We focus on delivering innovation which can disrupt a market and change how it works. Our aim is to democratise previously specialist software and we have made our tools quick and simple to use, so they can be used by all. Our MAPCITE suite of innovative spatial applications and expertise enable our clients to enrich, analyse, exploit and visualise all types of location data. As everything happens somewhere, our solutions are applicable to all markets and verticals, though to date most of our client work is in Banking and Insurance.

Carlos Oliveira

Founder and CEO

Shaping Cloud

Shaping Cloud provide software and services to the public sector that enable them to leverage the benefits of public cloud and an API-first approach to digital transformation. Our consultancy business has been delivering hybrid cloud strategies and business cases to clients such as NHS Digital, Oxfordshire County Council and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. These strategies provide them with the roadmap and investment case for adopting public cloud within their infrastructure, modernising their data centres and lowering the cost of delivering services. Our SPINR product has been developed specifically to overcome the challenge the sector faces in trying to build digital services whilst running many of their core functions on software that isn’t built for the modern web & mobile world. SPINR connects into those back-office systems and allows the organisation to build their own API platform on top.

Bhumika Zhaveri

Founder and CEO


InteriMarket’s vision is to continue evolving their AI-driven platform that drives predictive analytics and outcomes for businesses designed to increase profits, talent availability & transparency of the total contingent workforce. By doing so they become the disruption enabling technology ecosystem for the total contingent workforce where manual admin processes are eliminated via intelligent automation, smart matching, engagement and retention are driven by machine learning and data augmentation, at the core. At InteriMarket they believe that the power of technology can help businesses and contract professionals adapt and make the most of the disruption within the future of our workforce, increase your speed to right talent significantly bringing great productivity for your teams and economic benefits.