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14 June 2013

Capita at the CIPFA Annual Conference 2013

Capita is exhibiting at this year’s CIPFA Annual Conference on 9-11 July in London. This year's conference will be taking a close look at public services, and what is required for the future - beyond the 'austerity years'.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), is the professional body for people in public finance and the conference will bring commentators and thought-leaders to the main stage to explore new thinking about how we deliver public services. Leading professionals from the breadth of the public services will share their knowledge in a series of practical workshops.

This year’s CIPFA conference takes place at a pivotal time for public services. With no let-up in budget cuts, and few signs of growth, it’s time for a great leap forward by public sector leaders.

Most are agreed that we need to reimagine how we design public services, how to deliver them sensitively and fairly – and ask difficult questions about what kind of state we want.

Although further austerity is certain, we face many unknowns. Local government needs flexibility as never before – adaptable systems, active and supported councillors and a commercial outlook to managing supply relationships. Successful councils will have already looked 10 years ahead and faced all possible futures to develop the capabilities they need.

Jonathan Flowers

local government market director at Capita

You can find out more about how we used scenario-planning to help us prepare for the future in Jonathan's paper ‘Planning into uncertainty: Four futures for local government' (pdf).

How we can help you

We’ve been a leading and trusted partner of local authorities across the UK since the early 1980s and we are making sure our service partnerships are robust and flexible enough to meet an uncertain future. Our years of experience and wide range of solutions sit alongside our capabilities in customer-centric design, analytics and data to give insight-driven, highly efficient options to councils.

We cover all local government operations – from customer management, HR and property development to back-office processing, administration and IT. We also have a range of distinct service delivery methods – from the more traditional partnerships, to joint ventures and shared service models.

The pressure to deliver better for less is an ever-present challenge and it’s clear that this is not going to change. We can help you get the most out of your budget with an unbeatable combination of useable innovation, long-established sector experience, unrivalled skills, scale, flexibility and resource.

If you manage public money or public services, join us in London and make sure you’ve got a vision for the future.

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