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6 July 2015

Come and see us at ‘Making a Difference with Data: Sheffield' 2015

Capita is sponsoring and taking part in the Making a Difference with Data (MADwDATA) event in Sheffield on 10 July 2015.

The MADwDATA programme is working with leaders in the public, private and third sectors to demonstrate the role of data in delivering social and economic growth, citizen engagement and effective public services. This event is designed to engage and energise decision-makers working in or with the council by illustrating the benefits of opening up data, and explaining how, through publishing open data, better outcomes can be delivered for residents, businesses, voluntary and public services.

At this event, organisations will be showcasing what has been achieved, in Sheffield and further afield, including the open data publishing platform provided by Socrata at and the Air Quality Plus project run by Sheffield’s Better with Data Society.

We will be taking part in two workshops, the first at 11am, when Capita’s Catherine Howe will be talking about open data in digital services and how open data has the potential to bridge the gap between service design and good governance. Other participants in the workshop are Tim Adams, LGA, and Ellen Broad, Open Data Institute. 

At 2pm, Catherine will be speaking on open data for democratic engagement, when she will host a session about the importance of data rich discussions and the need to overcome data literacy issues to ensure that open data empowers all citizens.

At the same session, Simon Cookson from Capita’s G2G3 Digital, will be discussing creating engaged users through open data. G2G3 Digital will be showcasing a new concept created especially for the event, to illustrate how open data can satisfy a specific user’s needs and create engagement. Other participants in the workshop are Rose Mortada, Socrata, Vicky Sargent, Boilerhouse, Jag Goraya, Better With Data, John Curtis, Sheffield City Council, and Ellen Broad, Open Data Institute.

Making a Difference with Data: Sheffield is a collaboration between Sheffield City Council, the Making a Difference with Data initiative, Sheffield’s Better with Data Society, Capita and Socrata.

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