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20 July 2016

Data science and analytics event

Real world applications of technologies to today's business challenges

Our IT resourcing business recently held a data science and analytics event in central London. Hosted by Neil Mackin, analytics director at Capita, we invited four data science experts to present to our audience of data scientists and analytics professionals.

The presentations gave a fascinating insight into what is happening in the quickly developing world of data science. Here are a few of the topics we covered:

  • Muhammad Awais (Cortexica), gave an overview of visual search and the challenge that deep learning presents to traditional classification methods.
  • Richard Pugh (Mango Solutions), gave insight into how to successfully build an enterprise analytics practice.
  • Jim Hodgkins (VisualDNA), discussed the science behind future advertising by fusing data and psychology.
  • Eric Tyree (Capita Employee Benefits), explained the importance of seeing operational data as a gold mine and developing sustainable business models. 

A Q&A panel session took place after the presentation, facilitated by Neil Mackin, with a number of questions posed to the panel, such as ‘what is next for the data science industry?’ and ‘how do I hire the best data science talent?’.

Key points from the evening included:

  • The role of the chief data officer is becoming ever more important as data science becomes more prominent in businesses – not just as a management role but as a champion within the business of the value and efficiencies data science brings. 
  • A data driven culture will continue to drive efficiencies and, as the cost of producing and processing data continues to become cheaper, demand for data science roles will increase as a consequence. 
  • Creativity is an essential trait to look for when hiring for data science roles, but it shouldn’t be the only defining characteristic – it is better to build a great team that brings all the facets of the role together rather than looking for a unicorn with all the ideal traits. 

Organisations who are looking to recruit their own data scientists need to make sure they delve deep into their requirements and have an understanding of what aspect of data science they are seeking – then they can adjust their job spec accordingly. This ensures they get the right person for their needs.

Darrell Muswell

Capita IT Resourcing

At Capita, good use of data has helped many of our clients transform the way they do things – across sectors from health to defence, banking and finance to emergency services or local councils to telecommunications. Alongside technology and insight, data underpins almost everything we do.

It is encouraging to see strong business focused presentations on how to realise benefit from data analysis.

Neil Mackin

Capita analytics director

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