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27 June 2018

Capita at the Customer Engagement Transformation Conference 2018

Victoria Park Plaza, London – 12 July 2018

Capita explores…customer experience.

Come meet Capita and Blue Sky at this year’s Customer Engagement Transformation Conference, where we will be hosting two sessions in hall 1 on the 12 July 2018.

Power to the people: the challenging evolution of customer engagement

Time and location: 14.20–14.40 - Hall 1
Speaker: Moritz Dinger, Capita market director

Customer management strategy is currently embroiled in one of the most significant shifts of the last 30 to 40 years, which is creating substantial challenges for businesses. Traditionally, engagement between businesses and customers has been very much a one-sided affair. To put it simply, the rules of engagement were set by businesses, and customers were expected to comply. This has meant that businesses could define what kind of relationship they wanted to have with their customers. Whether it was the local supermarket or package holiday provider ‒ products and services that customers received were designed by businesses for customyou reaers. This meant that customers were faced with little flexibility or direct influence when it came to the nature of the goods they were offered, or the relationship they wanted to have with companies. These days are no more…

Moritz will outline the challenges this shifting paradigm is presenting for businesses and give an insight into how companies can get themselves organisationally ready to embrace these new relationships.

People power

Time and location: 11.20-11.40 – Hall 1
Speaker: Sally Earnshaw, Blue Sky managing director

When you look at organisational strategy today, all we hear about is getting technology to do the work – AI, Big Data, all of those brilliant things that in the future are going to help with channel shift and personalisation. But we need to be wary of leaving behind the people element. We are always going to require people to deliver customer service. In the new world, every touch point a customer has with an organisation, across whatever channel, is an opportunity to add value and to do good for the customer. It’s having the right people with the right skills and mindsets. Today it’s about answering problems across a huge range of different channels. Wind forward to tomorrow and we’re coming to terms with the fact that the workforce is evolving (it’s not just millennials) and the human beings we are dealing with are very complex!

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